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Getting Back To Work

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Re-alignment – What is different now – what will be required? What are new priorities? What are critical measures? Customers, Co-workers, Competition, How we will work together differently?

Excellence –  Review and apply the 10 VALUES OF EXCELLENCE to everything we do individually and together.

Sphere of Influence – Mapping each employee's internal and external relationships with co-workers, supervisors, suppliers and customers to optimize for excellence.  

Teamwork – Reviewing and practicing the most important teamwork skills to be more effective together. 

Assessment – Tie performance and ongoing development to self-assessment metrics from the program.  

Re-commit –  Facilitating individual employee commitment to personal development, excellence, connections, and fresh priorities.

Take away – Each employee and manager develops a personalized development and growth plan tied to critical priorities and measurement. 



Employees who have been out of work for some time need to re-adjust to the dynamics of changing conditions in the workplace and the industry created by the pandemic. Employees need a sense of re-commitment and clear purpose with specific means to focus on priorities, changes, development and excellence with fresh enthusiasm and energy – so they can lead and have the most positive contribution possible – to help things get rolling again at your company.



Companies with 10 to 10,000 employees or more at any level of the organization - who are returning to regular operations – Every employee, every manager, intact work departments, administration, even sales groups.  The program can be delivered to employee groups of up to 100 or more with special arrangements. 



This is a 8am to 5pm interactive workshop with a break for lunch which includes:

Lecture, Interactive Discussions, Experiential exercises, Self-assessment, and individual employee planning & development.


Participants follow a guided workbook that they take back to work with them which includes their personal development plans to impact their own sphere of influence, work relationships and customer satisfaction.




At your workplace, we adapt some of the exercises to be held outdoors in an open area where there is space available.  Any large open room with chairs will suffice.  Projection screens are utilized where available but not necessarily required.


We are currently offering these workshops in Southern California only due to travel restrictions and logistics but expect to widen the program in the coming month.



Because of the urgent nature of industry re-opening we are working with companies on a first come-first served basis. This is a brand new, and very unique program. Your company could be one of the first to take advantage of this and be re-entering the marketplace strong and energized.


If your company is getting back to work we recommend holding this workshop within the first week or two of re-opening so you can set the tone for high performance right away.  


We will share a consultative conference call with you ahead of time to develop the unique profile of your situation and your industry and then set the earliest possible date to deliver your first program.  


If you have a large number of employees, we recommend a large first test group of 50 or more to validate the process for you, after a positive evaluation we can schedule a staggered set of simultaneous workshops to handle most or all of your employee population.


Each participant will receive a set of printed materials which includes the course content, self-evaluations, and individual planning tools to take away from the course.  



We have a sliding scale based upon workshop group size:

1-100  is 150. Per employee.

100-500 is 125. Per employee.

500 or more is 100. Per employee. (Multiple Workshops).


Payments are executed online with a 50% deposit due in advance to secure your workshop date and 50% balance due the day of the program before it begins.

YES We Need The Business Restart Program Program!

Send an email now and let us know a good day/time to call you to discuss the specific situation at your company and to set up a program for you.

We will get back to your shortly. 

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