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  • 40 Question Audit

  • Overall Mean Scores, Category Scores and Individual strength and weakness scores

  • Guidelines for interpretation and analysis of findings

  • Satisfaction intervention and improvement guide

  • 22 pages reprintable license

This comprehensive self audit takes an objective measurement of your strengths and weaknesses of your enterprise, department, small business or multi-national company- and gives you the insights and methodology to make positive changes and improvements.

Now there is a scientific way to measure your return and recommend rate using the statistical predictors of satisfaction.

'Return and recommend rate' is arguably the most important metric for any business

'How often your customers will return to buy again and the extent to which they will recommend you to others' .  

This research based satisfaction measurement model is based on more than two million respondents to satisfaction studies and correlates prediction of customer behavior based upon how you score in ten categories of satisfaction.

If your business is hurting or you are looking for a new outlook and new leverage for business improvement - this tool will provide everything you need. 

Learn how to grow your customer base, increase loyalty and beat the competition - scientifically.

Perhaps you are a small business owner or a manager of a division or department and you need to find the accurate information and measurement that will point out the improvements you need to make.  This is fresh benchmark research-based information you have not seen before. 

Prepare to have you reyes opened.

This powerful tool will provide you all of the insights and outlook you need to make a major turn around with your business. 
You will never look at issues of satisfaction and customer relationships the same way again.

This is a great tool to use with all your employees and department members to give you a comprehensive way to discuss Customer Satisfaction and to plan well founded interventions that you can be sure will produce better business results.

Before you spend a nickel on business improvement or marketing - you need to take this audit.  It will change everything. *

This instrument contains everything you need to print out the complete audit and reuse it again and again.  This is a great way to have all of your internal colleagues complete their own audits and combine their responses for an overall measurement of satisfaction you agree on.  

Buy yours today and receive the complete audit license for your repeated use and the print ready file you need to take the Internal Audit of Customer Satisfaction right now.

Customer Satisfaction Audit

Download to license and reuse again and again.  $129.

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