Your restaurant needs more customers. 


You need your customers to return to buy again.

You need your customers to recommend your restaurant to others.

Customer Return & Recommend Rate Is Your Most Important Business Metric. 


What makes a customer become a loyal fan of your restaurant, tell everyone about you and return to buy again?  


It's the Human Behavioral Science of Satisfaction That Every Business Needs To Know.  

A fortunate few successful restaurants are applying this science without even knowing it, focusing on the predictors of customer satisfaction.  Meeting customer requirements in these critical areas gets to the heart of what customers desire, what customers expect and what makes them spontaneously demonstrate preference and loyalty.  Yes, it's a dependable and predictable customer response when you apply this knowledge, but you need a methodical system that will produce results consistently.


If you're restaurant is neglecting the importance of these factors you will always be in second place or worse, your customers will be indifferent when it comes to preference and loyalty and you will always have to work twice as hard to continually get fresh customers in the door.  That is not a sustainable strategy for the long-term success of your restaurant.  

By applying this research-based science of customer satisfaction behavior you'll be able to make changes and improvements to your restaurant business right away - most of time by adjusting policy, process or a few employee training factors that won't cost you anything out of pocket. 


Auditing your restaurant's customer satisfaction strengths and weaknesses will give you the information and justification to support any changes or even actual financial investments which might be indicated as specific things you might do that will actually produce more business.  







We have studied these satisfaction factors in detail by surveying more than 2 million people,


              > What percentage of your customers will be returning to your restaurant (if any)?

              > How many of your customers will be saying positive or negative things about your                                 restaurant  (and either helping your business grow or speeding up it’s failure)?


              > What are  your customer satisfaction strengths and weaknesses- in the specific areas that                     are most  important to your customers including Human Factors, Process Factors                                   and  Structural  Factors as you run your restaurant now?


               > Specifically, what do you need to keep, change or improve in the eyes of customers to                          increase sales, satisfaction and grow your business to beat the competition?

If you see your restaurant business trending downwards, consider this very unique strategic intelligence restaurant audit process before you make impulsive changes, or spend more money on yet another expensive business improvement idea.


We are experts in the Science of Customer Satisfaction Behavior and the factors we audit are The Statistical Predictors of Satisfaction based on research with hundreds of businesses and over 2 million respondents in our customer research database.  Much of this information will resonate with you - as you are a customer yourself, but you'll never see a more robust, methodical and organized system of measuring satisfaction as it's presented here. We have taught this satisfaction science at major Universities and Corporate Training Programs for some of the world's finest companies. 



















The detail of our Customer Traffic Improvement Audit touches 40 factors in ten categories from Ease of Access and Interdepartmental Teamwork to Timeliness, Efficiency and Value as well as the Psychological Environment your restaurant creates, Quality of food, Customer Relationships and much much more. 


We get deep into the weeds of the specific elements at your restaurant which our research shows are most heavily weighted for influencing customer return and recommend behavior  (loyalty and preference).  We'll be measuring and scoring how you are doing in each of these areas and be able to accurately predict exactly where you are now in terms of customer loyalty and preference.  




















You’ll get a complete analysis report which will score your restaurant overall - and predict your current customer return and recommend rate % as well as scoring each individual factor and category – effectively giving you a Complete Customer Satisfaction Strength and Weakness Profile. 

You'll be equipped with the real analysis of your restaurant to begin making important changes right away - and more importantly, discover what you need to do to achieve the highest return rates.

Is everything broken in your restaurant?  Of course not.  But there may be factors that are negatively influencing your customers more than you think - which you are not aware of and can easily change.  There might be a few changes that will turn customers from being indifferent ones to loyal ones. 


On the flip side you may not realize which areas are actually your biggest strengths – the things which you could be promoting even more to increase overall customer satisfaction and increase loyalty.

The Customer Traffic Improvement Audit also includes the varying perspectives of owner/managers, employees and customers.  It is often interesting and valuable to see the differences in how each of these groups perceive how your restaurant operates.   It is critically important that management and employees are closely aligned with the factors most important to customers – despite strengths they may demonstrate in different areas. 










How does the Customer Traffic Improvement Audit work?

We’ll set up your specific Satisfaction Measurement Audit online with easy instructions where you can have as few as 10 or as many as 25 different people complete the 40-point assessment of your restaurant - anonymously.  We'll be gathering current accurate data directly from customers and stakeholders. 


The audit instrument itself is a straightforward combination of 1 to 10 rating scale questions and open-ended feedback opportunities and only takes a few short minutes to complete - most fo the time when your customers are already there sitting in your restaurant.  


Once your survey sample group is complete, we then tabulate the results with a quick turn around and provide you with a comprehensive report including our statistical findings, analysis and improvement recommendations - all specific to your restaurant.  

The Complete Customer Traffic Improvement Audit Report Will Include:

      > Overall Score and correlation with Return and Recommend Rate % - (What percentage of your            customers you can expect to return or recommend you to others as of today).


      > Top 3 Customer Satisfaction Strength Categories


​      > Top 5 Individual Factor Strengths


​      > Lowest 3 Customer Satisfaction Weakness Categories


​      > Lowest 5 Individual Factor Weaknesses

      > Subgroup Profile Analysis of  Owner/Manager Perspectives vs. Employee Perspectives vs.                    Customer Perspectives

      > Open ended question content analysis summary (What else people are saying about your                    restaurant).


      > Analysis by Human Factors (employee behaviors/training etc.), Process Factors (How you are               running things now) and Structural Factors (fixed assets, equipment, building etc.) as they                     relate  to improving your Customer Return and Recommend Rate.


Report Recommendations will include:

      > Popular and proven suggestions for improvement in each category area


      > Guidelines for sharing the report data with your team and brainstorming improvements


      > Action Planning Process Template for specific initiatives to implement at your restaurant. 

You’ll also receive some education materials, improvement tools and background education on our Customer Satisfaction Research that will help you further integrate and apply these fresh business insights to your own enterprise.


In short, your investment in this audit will give you an accurate assessment of where you are now, what things you need to improve and a clear road map to get there quickly.


Rather than guessing at what might work to improve your customer traffic you’ll hear it directly from your customers in the specific areas that will make a difference to them - and to your bottom line. 


Restaurants who participate in the audit process often find that many improvements don’t necessarily require any new investments, but simply involve a change of process or policy – or re-prioritizing a couple of high leverage things that your customers will really appreciate and respond to.


We Reveal Here The Science of Customer Satisfaction Behavior and you will not see the detail and complexity of these influential factors applied anywhere else.  Certainly, you’ve heard many talk about ‘Customer Loyalty’ or ‘Customer Service’ but few get beyond talking in generalities. 


The Customer Traffic Improvement Audit measures the research based 40 Statistical Predictors of Customer Satisfaction Behavior- the things most important to the success of your restaurant when it comes to customer loyalty and preference.  It is doubtful that you are giving all of these factors the attention today that you should.  It's also critically important that you realize where your competitors might be applying these satisfaction factors more effectively than you are. 

Are your competitors beating you and you can’t figure out why? Or worse, are you making up lame excuses why they are consistently getting more customers than your establishment? 

This audit process will arm you with fresh insights and a plan to help minimize the competition’s advantages and maximize the strengths that your restaurant already has or can develop easily. 


This could be one of the most important investments in your restaurant you have ever made and this audit process is available to you right now – so you can begin turning things around right away


Yes, Of Course You’re Busy – you’re in the restaurant business.

So we’ve made this audit process easy for you. 


Once you register for your audit and give us a few basic profile facts about your restaurant, you'll receive the link to share your restaurant audit with employees, customers, and any owners or managers who will all fill out the audit - anonymously. 

After enough of your sample has been collected (3 to 10 days), we’ll compile your complete report along with analysis, findings and recommendations and send it directly to you – to share with your team as you wish.  We even have an option for a telephone consult if you need further clarification or want to discuss some finer points of your audit as they relate to your restaurant. 


The Customer Traffic Improvement Audit is one of the most valuable things you will ever do for your restaurant – and will help you zero in on the high leverage factors that directly effect your success.   This process will take the guess work out of restaurant decision making and help you sort between a million possibilities for improving your business to a few evidence-based options proven to work. 


So, before you completely change your menu or hire a new chef, commit to an expensive remodel or buy a huge advertising campaign in an effort to attract more customers – Take the Customer Traffic Improvement Audit First.  Likely you will develop a list of things you can do today before you spend the next nickel. 


You will have a completely fresh perspective on the priorities of where to spend on improvements (if anything) and what to focus on right now that will make your customers come back to buy again and keep recommending your restaurant to others.


Start Your

Customer Traffic Improvement Audit

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Customer Traffic

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With your payment you will be granted immediate access to the Customer Traffic Audit Process with full instructions for administering the audit and collecting data for your complete report.