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Restaurant Customer Traffic Improvement Audit

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Welcome to The Customer Traffic Improvement Audit for your restaurant. 

From this page you will be able to share the audit process with your customers and staff as well as completing the audit yourself.

This survey instrument is designed to be utilized for a single restaurant location at a time.



Ideally, you will want to complete this audit process in as short a time as possible.  What you will need to do is to share the online link to the official audit with as many as 25 different people including customers, your staff and any owners or partners.  You can do this through face book, email or simply by requesting customers to fill it out from their cel phone while they are sitting in your restaurant.

This audit is designed to be completed anonymously so that respondents will be as objective as possible.  There is no need to coach or coerce respondents or supervise them while they are filling out the questionnaire.  

All you will need to do is to share this link:


Respondents can complete this survey in a few short minutes by smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.  

How you should SELECT CUSTOMERS to fill out the survey by any or all of these methods: 

  • Pick 4 or 5 of your regular repeat customers but not more than that or results might be skewed more favorably.

  • Put a listing on your Restaurant Facebook page asking those who have been in your restaurant to help you with feedback.

  • BEST> Post a promotion inside your restaurant offering a free drink or dessert etc. for those who are willing to fill out the survey - ideally right after their meal or experience.  Have the link printed on a small piece of paper to give those who want to participate - they can complete the survey immediately on their cell phone.  If you do collect 'live surveys' from your customers do so at different times of the day or evening when you are open, with different wait staff if possible to add richness to the sample.  

  • If you have an email list for some reason, you can send an invite email with the link in it. 











That's all there is to it.  Once we get a maximum of 25 respondents we can immediately begin preparing your Audit Report results.  You can collect as few as 10 or as many as 25 total - obviously the more we get, the more comprehensive the results will be.  We'll allow a maximum of 10 days for collection after which time we'll begin assembling your report.  If your results come in faster you will get your results faster. 

As mentioned earlier, you will be receiving a complete customized report about your restaurant - including overall results, findings and recommendations for improvement - along with further educational materials and a process improvement template to help get any changes you want to make started out right.  

Prepare to dive deep into the Customer Experience your restaurant provides currently - discover your strengths and weaknesses and plan the specific improvements that will directly and positively impact your Customer Return & Recommend Rate - your most important business metric. 

In your report, we'll include information and scheduling details for a contact call with Bart Berry if you'd like to discuss the report and findings in more depth. 

Thank You! 




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