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Your Employer Has Reserved an Online Course For You!

Every Employee Customer Satisfaction Course


This Online Course Is For

Every Employee and Manager


Customer Satisfaction is very important to virtually every business that sells a product or service.  

Increasing levels of Customer Satisfaction can mean that more customers will return to buy again and

recommend your business to others.  

What you do when you interact with customers is vitally important to the success of your business.  We've developed a short online course on the research-based Fundamentals of Customer Satisfaction and the Ten Values of Excellence to help you refine and improve your customer satisfaction practices at work.  

This online course is appropriate for every employee at any business from the newest employee to the most seasoned manager.  Principals of Customer Satisfaction will apply no matter what your job description and will never go out of style.  Everyone at work is on the Customer Satisfaction Team.  Proactive Enterprises that apply these principals are among the most competitive and successful out there. 

Your employer has arranged for employees to take this course online as a way to help positively increase overall customer satisfaction at your workplace.   This is an interesting and thought provoking look at Customer Satisfaction Behavior that will benefit you throughout your entire professional life, whatever industry you're working in.

This course can take as little as one hour to complete or you can stop and start the video at your convenience.  You'll resonate with much of the research and principals presented as you relate to your own experiences as a customer yourself.  You'll learn to see, understand and apply the important things that make customers become more satisfied and loyal.


Prepare to learn some new things about customer satisfaction, analyze your own customer satisfaction practices and participate in the discussion of new ideas and improvements that might be applied to the business you work for. 

There's no cost to you.  Simply complete the online course, follow the directions included and prepare to participate in discussions about improving Customer Satisfaction back at work. 


Send in your registration now to take a look at the course. 

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