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Did you ever wish you could find one great resource to teach your employees the importance of customer satisfaction? 

Bart Allen Berry's newest book is designed to give new employee hires and on boarding programs the most critical information about customer satisfaction - namely the things that will make customers come back to buy again and to recommend your business to others.

As a leading researcher on customer behavior Bart reveals the statistical predictors of satisfaction in any customer-supplier relationship and how these factors can be demonstrated in your business by your employees on the front lines.

This is a course in a book that is not only for service oriented front line staff in the hospitality business, but a great primer for any level of employee or manager, that will provide a great checklist for the things your business should be doing. 

This book will be available as an online video course shortly- stay tuned.

In the mean time - download this book now as a pdf for reading on any device. 

This book covers:

The fundamentals of customer-supplier relationships

The Statistical Predictors Of Satisfaction (The Ten Values Of Excellence and how they are demonstrated at work)

A Customer Satisfaction Practices Self Assessment for any Employee

An individualized improvement plan to help your people demonstrate the specific behaviors and practices that will make customers come back again and recommend your business to others.


Get your copy today or buy them for all of your employees. 

Every Employee's Guide To Customer Satisfaction  $9.95
  (download pdf      copy now) 

Available at Amazon.com as a paperback

for the special price of $8.95  

ALSO AVAILABLE for your Kindle E-reader  for the low price of:  $3.99


employee guide cover copy.jpg

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