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Your Business Runs On Cash

Here Are Some Great Options When You Need Cash Fast 

One of the most frustrating blocks to helping businesses grow and evolve is the mainstream banking system.  Many hard charging business owners can't make the moves for expansion, new equipment or the services they need to succeed - because they can't qualify for traditional loans or the traditional bank loan process is just too slow.

I'm proud to announce that our consulting services will now promote business finance and loan brokering.  Finally, we can not only recommend organizational development solutions, but we are going to help our clients get the money to pay for them. 


We've selected some strategic funding partners to recommend for the common types of lending our clients need - and can qualify for and get funded fast!  

These are typically shorter term loans based on your actual cash flow, rather than your credit score for things like:

  • New Equipment

  • Store Expansion

  • Marketing

  • Adding New Staff

  • Training & Development

  • Commercial Real Estate Acquisition

  • Short Term Cash Flow Needs

Here are some confidential resources for different types of

financing you can qualify for. 


Kabbage is one of the first in the world to have completely automated processing with few, if any humans involved.  This makes their process from application to funding lightning fast, and based totally on the numbers reflected in your bank statements rather than your credit score. 

Why do we like Kabbage?  This funder is specifically tuned to the smaller businesses with revenues of $50,000 a year or $4,200 a month, shorter length of time in business, lower credit scores and no collateral required.  This funder really understands the smaller entrepreneur and has geared up specifically to service them. 

Kabbage utilizes a credit line model where you don't necessarily have to use all of the money you borrow, but will issue you a Kabbage credit card that you can use anywhere when you really need it.  This can be a valuable source of credit financing that can be there today - when the small business owner needs it.  These loans average on the smaller side up to a threshold of $200,000 where more significant qualifying is required. 


Since the application process is  totally automated and won't effect your credit, there's no reason not to try out a simple application and see what is on offer - you can always use their quote to compare with some of the other lenders we recommend to get your best rates and terms.  LEARN MORE ABOUT KABBAGE

Small To Medium
10K To 1 Million

A very fast lender, David Allen Capital is a favorite of ours because they appeal to a wide range of businesses with short term capital needs. With a requirement of only four months in business and owner credit scores of 500 or more and $100k a year in revenues, David Allen Capital offers creative options for loan repayment including daily micro deductions from your bank account or payments that only take a small percentage of credit card transaction processing - making it nearly painless for loan payback.  DAC is a great option for businesses with predictable revenues rather than high credit scores.

Another innovation with wide appeal to business owners is the fact that loans can act like a credit line and be immediately renewed when 50% of the loan is paid off - giving the business owner continued access to the capital they might require. 


Equipment financing is a particular specialty of DAC.  Not just heavy equipment for things like construction companies, but technical equipment, manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, fleet vehicles and even IT equipment and computers.

Business owners know that taking advantages of growth opportunities, new product lines or increased capacity often requires new equipment.  DAC has deep experience and specialization with more than 700 industries and can get your new equipment funded through a range of specific lenders tuned to your industry.

Another unique benefit of dealing with David Allen Capital is their specialization in Payment Processing services.  If your business makes heavy use of card transactions they can offer an integrated solution that will dramatically lower your current provider fees and save you a ton of money as an integrated client. Ask about their unique Edge program. 

Business loans receive a decision within 1 day and capital of $10,000 to $1,000,000 as soon as 1-2 business days.  CHECK OUT THE EASY APPLICATION PROCESS.

Real Estate
Specialty Finance
& Larger Transactions up to 5 Million

GoKapital is our go-to catch all lender for specialty industries, commercial real estate mortgages, house flipping, business purchases and construction finance.

A broad range of finance products are available from Merchant Cash Advance and SBA loans to Hard Money and Construction Finance.  

This is our most comprehensive lender with a full range of loan products & options. SEE BELOW

Have a hard to lend industry?  How about a Cannabis Dispensary or a Gun Store? GoKapital goes the extra mile when many others won't even consider it.  Medical Practice financing?  Transportation Business? Finance for an Accounting Firm?

You bet. 


GoKapital is also one of the few sources available for foreign nationals to get business and real estate loans in the US.  This is an outfit with some very specific capabilities.  If you have a hard to fund industry or need - we can recommend GoKapital.

Qualifying varies for each of the different finance products SEE MORE DETAIL.


Got Questions?  Send us an email:

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