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Arguably, the most critical metric for the success of your business

is the extent to which customers return to buy from you again and recommend you to others.  All other business metrics are meaningless if you don’t have adequate customers.

Continuously creating fresh customers is a challenge for any business.  It is far easier is to have a loyal customer base who regularly returns and new customers who are acquired based upon the recommendations of existing loyal customers.






Successful businesses have high customer return and recommend rates, it would there for make sense to understand the complex behavioral dynamics that create the highest levels of customer satisfaction that make these customers demonstrate high return and recommend rates.  We have done the research and will be revealing this critical business knowledge in this course.


This ‘secret science’ of influencing positive customer behavior is a research based model which reveals ten specific factors present in any customer-supplier relationship strongly correlated with satisfaction.  These ten predictors of satisfaction can be applied, measured and managed in your business to reliably create a positive return and recommend rate effect with your customers. 






Is this information secret?

To a great extent this information revealed from our own significant research is not widely known or circulated. This reliable predictor set of satisfaction influencers will resonate strongly with any student of this course.  We are all customers with many types of customer supplier relationships in our experience.  This course will reveal a fresh model for the operation of your business which can dramatically change  your perspectives and priorities as the owner or manager of any business operation. 


Applying the changes and improvements as prescribed will directly affect your business and its customers’ behavior to the extent you apply them.  This material represents a very specific approach and formula for the success of your business – with success defined as higher return and recommend rates from your customers.

You can also expect to improve by definition, the competitiveness of your business operation in your immediate marketplace or industry.  All businesses operate within a defined geographic market or industrial community.  Your success and improved reputation will be self evident through an increase in business and continuously growing customer base.

While the knowledge, audit and improvements in this course are very clear, they can represent a challenge to implement as they might require change or improvement across a wide variety of areas.  Whether you implement indicated changes gradually or with dramatic speed will depend upon the time, energy and commitment you are able to muster in your individual business situation.  Rest assured however, that there will be no doubt about the validity of the targeted improvements themselves.  This process will represent for many - an entirely new strategic approach to their business operations.

This course introduces you to these ten ‘factors of excellence’, applies an audit of these factors in your own business operation, coaches you through the findings and analysis of your business currently, and guides you through an improvement process to anchor you solidly in the zone of  satisfaction with your customers.  This is where business success lives and where you may enjoy the resulting positive behavioral changes from your customer base, increased sales and positive reputation.

How The Course Works

This is a video based program with 18 separate modules from 5 to 30 minutes each.  The course also includes the supplemental text:  Becoming Excellent - Applying The Ten Values Of Excellence To Your Organization By Bart Berry. 


This book provides the research background and in depth explanations of the findings of significant research on Customer Return & Recommend behavior (based on data from more than 2 million respondents).  The book will serve as a continual reference throughout your learning process and while applying this knowledge to improving your own business. 

Additionally you will receive complete printable audit tools, charts and exercises as well as a guided improvement planning process to use as a working template for your own business improvement.  Everything about this course is designed to help make you more successful and to create dramatic positive changes in your business. 

Once registered you will have complete access to all of the videos and materials so you can take the course at your own pace or do it all at once, or even go back and review each video chapter again and again as you apply this new knowledge to improving your business operations. Printable forms and charts are always available for you to access allowing you to take repeated measurements over time as your business develops.  

Business School MBA?  Industry Experts and Leadership Programs? Save your time and money.  This course gets to the heart of what every business owner or manager needs to be doing - right now! This really does feel like the true knowledge I have been looking for!



Jackie Fleming - Restaurant Owner

Get ready to have your perspectives and priorities totally changed with a validated plan in hand that will drive more business and have you implementing a specific strategy to beat the competition. 


This course is being made available online for the low cost of just $59.

That is certainly a small investment for the knowledge and approach that can completely turn your business around. 


Get the GUARANTEED SUCCESS Course now and see what you've been missing.  You're going to get re-excited about your business and develop a very specific plan tailored to your own unique situation, whether you are a business owner, manager or employee with responsibility inside a company - no matter what industry you are from.   

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