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Learn How To Create The Continuous Stream Of Customers Your Business Needs 


World Class Business Owner


Lead your business to success

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What you need to do.  

Leading and managing your business is hard work, and you're making it harder for your business to succeed by neglecting to focus on your single most important business metric:


            Customer Return & Recommend Rate.

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Without a steady stream of customers, everything else you are doing is just noise.  Truly successful businesses have satisfied customers that keep coming back and who share their delight with others. It is imperative that your business learns to create that. I will teach you how to do that - scientifically. 


At the highest levels of satisfaction these very satisfied and loyal customers will refer to your business as:  'World Class' .  That's where all of the business is.

The World Class Business Owner Course will show you the research- based factors that most strongly influence Customer Satisfaction, preference and loyalty, and how to apply and integrate them into your business to grow your customer base and profits.   


This fresh satisfaction-based business model of success is one that doesn't happen by accident - it will require a new more methodical way of doing things - but one where change and improvement can be quickly realized and statistically measured. 

This is not some theoretical abstract business leadership philosophy course - 

This is a pragmatic 'How To Guide' for WHAT YOU NEED TO DO to transform your business - by acquiring and keeping more customers.

Are You Finally Ready To Learn The Things That Will Actually Make Your Business Succeed?

Trusted By Industry Leaders and Small Business Alike

"We needed a powerful program and a firm we could trust to work with our top people.  These guys are the best"

- Irven Rule,  Regional Director Siemen's Medical Systems

"The productivity and connection gains we realized with our top management made it all happen for us - Thank you Bart and Team"

- Bob Sansone, President & CEO Mattel Toys


"Our restaurant was really struggling and it seemed that we had tried everything until we ran across your program.  All I can say is WOW - we are on a whole new track now and everyone is really excited about the transformation we are making"

- Rob Hynes, Founder

Iron Door Brewery & Restaurant

new world class business owner course LO

This Course Has The Information Your Competitors Don't Know About Yet


Bart Berry is a leading Customer Satisfaction Researcher, Author and Consultant who has delivered training & development programs to more than 200,000 Owners, Managers and Employees in six countries.  Bart's clients include many of the Fortune 500 as well as businesses just like yours.

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