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Meetings In Baja

Getting the meeting budget to fall within the realm of reasonable cost is a bigger challenge today than it's ever been. When you start adding up airfare, hotel and meeting room cost, meals and audio visual costs - you're likely to break the bank before you can even consider working with an outside training firm like ours.

We've been advocating the benefits of doing your offsite meeting in Northern Baja Mexico for many years and it's something to consider as a viable cost saving option.  Here's a few facts:


> Hotel costs are 1/2 to 1/3 of those in the US - especially if your meeting is scheduled mid-week.  We're talking about hotels on the beach.











> Want to eat lobster? Baja has fresh seafood of many kinds including clams, calamari and camarones in addition to ranch raised venison, lamb, quail and even rabbit.  All super high quality at half the price of the USA. 











In Baja it's unusual to have the hotel charge for audio visual support or meeting rooms. WIFI is always included as well as all the standard hotel extras you hate to see tacked on to your bill in the US.  There's no meeting planner commissions to pay either.  You'll be treated as a valued customer and feel like a part of the family. 












Ok here's just a few nearby in the Northern Baja area- Horseback riding, Sea Kayaking, Sport Fishing, Golf, and how about Baja's Valle De Guadalupe Wine country with over 70 wineries? We have our own ropes course team building facility at a water park with beautiful hiking and ocean views. There's lots to do, and great weather year round. 












If you're flying in from somewhere else you can fly into San Dieog, Tijuana or Los Angeles and be picked up by private charter bus to go over the border.  If you're a Southern California Company that means we can pick you up at 7:00am adn have you sitting in the classroom by 9:15am in Baja Mexico.  It seems far away and exotic, but in reality it's very close.  We work only work with the best vendors and suppliers.










Getting in to Mexico is easy. You only need a valid US ID and birth certificate or passport to regain entry back into the US.  We do it all the time so don't believe the scare stories out there from folks who have not experienced Baja.  Your people will feel like they are being treated to an exclusive international meeting while you know you're coming in under last year's budget. 

If you're considering an offsite meeting for your management team, sales team or entire employee population - let us know and we'll see if we can't amaze you with the cost savings.  

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