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Anyone who knows me will be used to listening to me say good things about living in Baja Mexico - as freedom loving Patriots - it could be the best alternative to California there is.  

Freedom Living in Baja

MORE FREEDOM IN THE OTHER CALIFORNIA                                                 By Bart Berry

Baja California that is.  Thousands of Americans are fleeing high taxes and cost of living, a repressive tyrannical government and the deterioration of values, culture and security under the present Democrat administration.  Since the State of California has trended Democrat for many years, there is little hope of a conservative Governor, even if elected under the Gavin Newsom recall, to be at all effective with Democrat dominated State Congress and Senate.  Not to disparage Democrats as a group, but let’s face it, the management has been abysmal for you and I – the residents of California.  It will take massive changes in the state and the changing of the leftie guard with Nancy Pelosi and her ilk losing their powerful grip on the reins of power before any large-scale changes can happen. The future for California looks bleak I’m sorry to say.

People who have had it with the cost of living, liberal policies, destroying of their cities and continual increases in tyrannical legislation- and don’t really know what to do.  Move to Texas?  Florida?  What if there’s another option for relocation that has many of the ‘natural benefits and beauty of living in California without the cost, controls and hassle?  The option I’m talking about is Baja California – Mexico.  Particularly the magical and nearby northern part of Baja.

Thousands and thousands of Americans are living safely here in Baja, close to the border at 25% of the cost.  Want a beach front home but you could never afford it before?  Want to have a ranch where you can raise horses, farm or have an airplane in your barn?  Want to live in a place where you don’t have to look over your shoulder for ‘the man’ every time you get in your car?  How about low-cost electricity and water, rent, food and tons of recreation all while enjoying fantastic year-round weather?

Yes, Baja Mexico has all this and more.  In particular the area from Southern Tijuana (Playas) along the coast, to the areas just south of Ensenada are the target areas you might want to think about. These areas are beautiful, with magnificent beaches and local hills and ranch country, are easily accessible from the US and are already a fully welcoming and culturally integrated destination for Americans.


Besides the fact that this area is cheap for real estate ( it is served by a great coastal highway that is easy to navigate, and has all of the same types of resources you might expect in the States such as Home Depot, Movie Theaters, Costco and many of the other ‘American’ chains you are used to, the local food and wine culture is rapidly putting this zone on the map as a foodies gourmand paradise, and let’s not forget the surfing, fishing, flying, kayaking, horseback riding, Baja off roading and racing that Americans have always come down here for years and years.

So, can you make a transition to living in Baja?  Most know English and the dollar is accepted everywhere.  The traveling distances allow people to commute to work in San Diego or even farther north with the right logistics and border crossing passes (thousands do it every day).  Are you ready to lower your stress and live with your home actually paid off, or rent a beautiful place for less than what it would cost for a studio apartment up north? Yes, this is the reality in Baja.


Perhaps you’re looking at a fixed income situation where you’ll actually be trying to live on Social Security.  $1000. a month allows you to live quite well in Baja.  Could you conceivably take out a second mortgage and buy an entire home for cash in Baja?  You bet. Thousands have done that already and are now saving big on weekend vacations or renting their property to make it cash positive while they prepare for an eventual transition to full time Baja living.  There are many options – whatever your budget.

Think of this northern Baja area from Tijuana Playas to Rosarito to Popotla to Primo Tapia to La Mision to Ensenada to Punta Banda as one giant bedroom community of Southern California.  That’s exactly what it feels like.  There are Gringos everywhere enjoying a lower stress lifestyle full time, weekend visitors, seasonal visitors, real estate speculators, and those who just want to check out of the rat race all calling Baja Mexico home and making it work.  It’s a big warm and welcoming community.

Speaking of work – if you can work remotely online- Baja is a great option for you.  If your work is somehow part time in the states – you can do that too.  If you would need to commute every day to the San Diego area there are several strategies for fast border crossing that will make your morning commute just about the same as everyone else’s.  People are doing it!  Many people just like you have cut the full time cord with California and are saving big and living large.  Life is too short for so much stress – wouldn’t you agree?

Here are a few examples of what you might be able to save by moving out of California – a few typical examples of costs in Baja:

Land lease/Rent  $3500 a year.

Telephone local number with international calling:  $20 a month

Electricity:  $25 a month

Car Registration (switched to South Dakota – yes, its legal) $69. A year, no smog

Trash:  included  0 extra fees

Parking at the beach:  Free

Local Camping:  Free, some cheap campgrounds available

HOA Fees:  Depends on how nice the development you are in – 100. A month

Internet with tv channels and phone landline:  $50. A month

Let’s talk about some other very low and attractive costs in Baja:

6 pack of beer  $4.50

Average wine  $7.

Average bottle of Tequila  $12.

Big bag of local organic produce:  $6.

Steak $4 a lb.

Plus all kinds of local Seafood, Clams, Lobster, Shrimp etc.  all very cheap compared with the US.


So what are some of the great recreational options for Northern Baja?  How about a wine country with over 200 wineries right out the back door?  How about world class Sport Fishing that never disappoints year-round?  Giant Baja Off Road Races?  Rodeos?  Unlimited climbing, hiking, kayaking, and paragliding. Thriving art and music scene.  Baja’s magnificent Sea of Cortez is only 3.5 hours away and feels like the Caribbean.  No kidding it’s great down here – but let’s not forget about the FREEDOM.


A man’s house is his castle in Baja and you can most of the time build exactly what you want – however fast or slow you want to go – you can even put a business in your home (and many do) without the permits, regulations and inspections that you have in the states.  If you get in trouble with the Federales – for some vehicle infraction or other, most of the time you pay the not unreasonable fines that day and go on with your life.  No months of court appearances and lawyering up or loss of your license etc. so common in the USA.  Baja Mexico is very pragmatic and very much designed to help everyone ‘go with the flow’ from offering you a credit account at the hardware store to delivering propane or drinking water right to your front door, it’s easy.  And just about everywhere – including restaurants – it’s pet friendly.

Because of mild year-round temperatures, building costs are very low and there is ample low cost artisan labor available for everything you’ll need from plumbing and electrical to roofing and tile work. It’s pretty easy – and again you won’t have to ask city hall for permission to do your own thing on your own property.  Buying a house or lot is through a bank trust unless you do it on a lease land situation which is a great option for many as well.  Make sure you use a licensed real estate company (see below).

There’s so much more I could describe in this article, but personally I’ve been down here in Baja for many years, doing business, building homes, staying in touch with and visiting the US – but not living in it while all the time avoiding the hassles of living in California.  It’s really great and yes Martha – it’s safe.

If you’d like some more information about options for living in Baja my lady, Lillian Barrueta is a Real Estate broker for 25 years down here, she’s bilingual and can help provide you with some options if you are thinking about a possible relocation or retirement spot.  She’s completely bi-lingual and specializes in reals estate in all of the Gringo communities down here.  In addition we have built an amazing home here ourselves on what you would term an extremely low budget for California, but we have a home that would easily be worth 5 million dollars if we were back in Southern Calfornia with totally amazing location and views – and it’s paid for. 


Do you want to live your life with more freedom?  Do you want to finally relax from that hamster wheel and feel like you can get ahead securely without the State or the bank taking it from you?  Do you want to be able to walk on the beach with a drink in your hand, light off fireworks or bury a sheep in your yard for an authentic Baja BBQ?  Do you want to turn your music up loud, paint your house any color you want or collect clams on the beach without a fish and game permit?  Do you want to hop in your car and explore the Baja Peninsula and pull off and camp or surf or fish anywhere you want? 


If yes is the answer to any of this then Baja may be for you, or at least contact us to check it out further if you’re curious.


We’ll be glad to meet you if you come down for a visit, send you some real estate recon ahead of time, and show you around to where ‘we locals’ go and what we do.  One a weekend here with us will blow you away –


So reach out if you like the sound of MORE FREEDOM IN BAJA.  Lillian & Bart

Mex Phone:  011-52-661-131-3131  or  011-52-661-116-2636

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