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The High Adventure Ropes Course

We have long understood the power of the high energy shared experience to bring groups together.

The High Adventure Ropes Course is a series of high element challenges 35 to 50 off the ground with harnesses, helmets and safety ropes attached - designed to put participatns into a position where they have to challenge themselves with the support of the team.  Each challenge has the appearance of a daunting task, but in actuality each is designed within the physical capabilities of the avera ge corporate work group.  


Participants, climb, balance, jump and zip with the coaching and empathy of team members watching adn often holding their safety ropes. 


Each challenge has safety rigorously monitored and each progressive and successful challenge undertaken presents the possibility to stretch a bit more.  


We have built more than 25 ropes courses in different locations and at our own training centers. We have facilitated ropes course programs for hundreds of thousands and were the first to bring experiential training and ropes courses to Mexico, South Korea and The Sultanate of Oman. 


Our new site in Baja Mexico features 2 Zipline,  a climbng wall, Giants ladder and we are adding more elements now which are included in many of our team building programs.

If a group wants to simply have fun a private experience can be arranged.

The High Adventure Ropes Course is a standard component of our One Day Team Building Program

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