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Bart Allen Berry is a seasoned

Organizational Development Consultant with 30 years experience and

hundreds of organizational clients in six countries.  Bart Allen Berry is

an expert in Customer Satisfaction research and has correlated

mountains of satisfaction data to produce breakthrough

predictive models of customer satisfaction behavior


With administration of literally millions of respondents across a wide

range of industries – Ten statistical predictors of satisfaction have

emerged as an integrated model.  This predictor set can be utilized to

audit and accurately measure customer return and recommend rate for any business, product or service.   


Armed with the measures of “What Customers Want” , any business can evaluate their satisfaction strengths and weaknesses, predict their current return and recommend rate, compare and contrast themselves with competitors, and develop strategic improvements - to not only keep their customers coming back and recommending them to others, but beat the competition as well.

You may be saying: 

                         “Oh sure, customer service is important,

the customer is king – we have heard all of this before”.   



                            No You Haven’t - this is different. 


​This is a research-based scientific model that has not been widely disseminated – in fact you will find that this is about a lot more than Front Line Customer Service Behaviors.  With customer satisfaction there is so much more that you have ever realized going on. This fresh research gives you a whole new picture.


You’re going to learn it all quickly with this presentation and it will spin your head around with new ways to look at your entire business operation. 

No kidding.  


​Rather than a boring didactic lecture that presents some theories and platitudes (with little retention) this presentation is a working session where each participant is auditing their own business as the presentation goes – and that’s just the first part.  This is a fast paced – content rich – highly interactive presentation where each attendee is working on what matters most to them – their own business and getting more customers.


(all materials are included so participants can complete the self-audit process as the presentation goes on).


​The first measure revealed is the overall mean score – that’s your overall rating on a one to ten scale that correlates with your return and recommend rate % on the Customer Satisfaction Behavior Curve©.  This is  one of the most important metrics to know for any business enterprise - and tells you if you can expect your customers to return - scientifically - and how often they will refer other customers. 







Next - Participants chart their results on an Impact Chart where clear graphical relationships between the ten satisfaction categories and each of 40 specific measures reveal which are having the most impact on the overall score - positively and negatively.   Each range of scores are discussed in depth and as they relate to each participants’ results for their own business.






















With an accurate self-assessment of where their business is at today in terms of customer satisfaction, more in-depth analysis and improvement processes are discussed including:

  • What does it means to be World Class?  How is it measured?

  • Satisfaction factor preference weighting (What are the most important factors to your particular customer?).  How do you score with these and how is your competitor doing?

  • Tieing satisfaction measures to performance measures.

  • Guidelines for an overall customer satisfaction improvement strategy – increasing strengths and minimizing weaknesses - while beating the competition.

  • World Class Leadership as an organizational culture - how to get your people on board.


Participants get armed with the tools to compare themselves, point by point with their competitors.  This reveals strategic leverage and significant insights into how to capture increased market share while minimizing a competitors advantages. This is literally a 'how to guide' to beat competitors.













The aim of this presentation is to:


Create real benefit for your program attendees that will help the bottom line of their business where

they need it most:  Increasing customer loyalty and growing your customer base.

​​​Participants will be thrilled with the new data driven insights, approaches and strategies to increase

customer loyalty and gain higher return and recommend rates.


This a PhD level strategic knowledge for any business, served up in a one to three hour presentation/workshop format.  In a large conference this will be one of the most important 'content deliverables' in your program. 


Participants will thank you for providing solutions that apply directly to them and which represents cutting edge knowledge they can take away from your meeting or conference and apply for an immediate benefit.  They will tell you this is their favorite workshop.


Who is the ideal audience for this presentation?


Restaurant Owners and Managers

Retail Businesses

Small Businesses with Customer Interation

Large Companies With Multiple Departments & Offices

Entrepreneurial Groups

All Employee Meetings

Sales Organizations

Any business concerned with maintaining & improving customer relationships

See our Client List to see the types of organization we work with.

​*Additional option for participants includes “Becoming Excellent” book by Bart Allen Berry, on CD which can be utilized to reproduce the audit process back at their business with managers and employees. 













Speaking Costs for Bart Allen Berry Customer Satisfaction Workshop

Presentation:  $2100.  Includes all materials for group size up to 300.

Travel From San Diego California

Hotel as Needed

Airport Pickup

Meals as appropriate

Driving expense .30 mile

Optional CD for each participant   

Table in Expo area for book signing, CD signing , book/CD sales where appropriate. 

AV Needs:  Microphone for larger audiences,  Screen, computer for power point/projector.

Let's talk about your program: 

Your Next Speaker

"Participants won't have to theorize or extrapolate - they will be too busy using the information and immediately applying it to their own business enterprise".

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