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We have been facilitating Strategic Planning Offsites for many years.  Our specialty is combining planning with beautiful private locations that help the group to relax and concentrate on the work at hand without distraction. 

Additionally we combine traditional planning modules such as Mision/Vision formulation, SWOT analysis and Applied Strategic planning with experiential and adventure exercises to simultaneously promote teamwork and model proactive ways of working well together.

We work with gorups as small as 5 and as large as 200 in open space planning subgroup format. 

Planning to plan - we assign a variety of data collection, vision compilation and needs analysis components ahead of time to maximize the productive value of time spent together off site. 

Locations such as high sierra mountain and river lodges, Baja Mexico or solitary coastal or desert promote a sense of focus, concentration and clarity.  Executive offsite where team building combined with strategic planning are the most rewarding and serve to forge bonds of commitemnt designed to continue back at work.

Strategic Planning Off Site Meetings

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