Welcome to my latest entrepreneurial project. The Smoked Yellowtail Amberjack has been a bit hit. Now I'm expanding production to allow for online payment, shipping, pickup and local delivery in addition to fun local event sales in the northern Baja area. 



Fresh Yellowtail Amberjack

fillets are first brined for several hours in a signature set of ingredients, then marinated for several hours more in a combination of special secret flavors.   Fillets are then Apple Wood Smoked and vacuum sealed for long term freshness. 

Fillet average around 6 ounces each and can feed several people as an horsdeurvers , added to a chowder or dip, served on crackers or pasta or whatever you can think of.  Also great with a bottle of wine. 

*Sodium Nitrate added in small amount to preserve freshness.

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Original Flavor

This is the smoked yellowtail recipe I started with and it's still the benchmark for the best smoked fish can get.  The ingredients include an unexpected combination of Sesame, Garlic, Onion, Brown Sugar and Korean Gochujang Paste.  It's awesome. 

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Cracked Pepper Flavor

Some people like a little kick with their smoked fish.  Inspired by seared peppercorn tuna, the same effect is achieved with hot smoked Yellowtail, but it's cooked all the way through for that spectacular pepper and spice encrusted flavor experience without being raw in the middle.

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Garlic and Herb Flavor

Basil, Parsley, garlic and oregano combine with a few other ingredients for a fully developed garden rich flavor experience.  A classy pairing with white wine will impress - or just devour it as is. 

Yellowtail BBQ Flavor

Of course BBQ Flavor is always an excellent choice for Yellowtail.  Ours features a peppery brown sugar sweetness and the smokey flavor that will knock your socks off!  


Full Yellowtail Sides

Need more than a normal serving?

These Yellowtail sides make an impressive party buffet display or can be portioned out according to your needs.  More than 2 lbs, fully prepared, vacuum sealed, ready to eat. A very special product you won't find anywhere else.

Pre-order and specify your flavor preference. 

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One full side of complete Yellowtail Amberjack Fillet  Approx. 36 ounces


USPS Second Day Air  - Continental USA Only


At Weekly Baja Farmer's Market Events


Rosarito / Ensenada Area only

Orders of $35 or more qualify for free local delivery.  Otherwise $20. delivery charge. Contact us for special arrangements 661-131-3131

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