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World Class Leadership


The Leadership Model 

That Will Change Everything For You

An investment in your people designed to create results!



While they may cover interesting theoretical models about leadership - there is little if any connection back to the workplace. 


This is where the World Class Leadership Program is very different. 

Everything in this powerful one day program will apply to

each participant's unique work situation and circumstances

and will bring immediate improvements back to the organization.   


Bart Berry presents the analysis and benchmark research of more than two million respondents across a wide range of industries to reveal what has been defined as:

                                                          'What Is World Class'


The research reveals a predictor set of ten values of excellence which can be utilized to audit any company, work department, product or service delivery system.

The resulting audit scores will effectively predict customer return and recommend rate, define your reputation as a leader, and gauge loyalty & preference behaviors as a measurable score


In other words - how others will behave towards you according to how you score on these World Class Leadership criteria.

Are You A World Class Leader?


Are You Excellent?


Are You Known As The Best?

The World Class Leadership Program gives you the models, skills and tools to meet and exceed the expectations of others as a leader - utilizing the validated Values Of Excellence as a road map - To bring excellence to all you do. 

Why would you want to be perceived by customers, employees

or other internal departments as World Class?

World Class Businesses are those with the highest customer loyalty (repeat business), highest recommend rate (they are telling others who are telling others), those managers who have the most influence,  businesses that need to spend the least on marketing, produce and service providers who can command the highest prices and who dominate the competition in their market space. 

World Class Companies - or individual leaders, have names that are synonymous with quality.

World Class Leaders inside an organization drive the factors that create excellence and impact the products, processes and systems that will ultimately result in the highest levels of satisfaction - with external as well as internal customers.

Program participants audit themselves and their work area

The World Class Leadership Program presents the values of excellence (as defined by customers) uses these values to complete a comprehensive 40 point audit of each leaders area of influence.  The program focuses on understanding the organizational impacts of these factors across the enterprise and guides an improvement planning process that each program participant can bring back to create immediate benefits to their own area and to the organization. 

The return on investment for each participant in the program is applicable immediately, is measureable and is focused in the areas of most in need of improvement.

Additionally, The World Class Leadership Program will show you specifically how and where your competitors are beating you and help you create specific strategies to mitigate for their advantages and maximize your strengths to become more competitive and influential.



The World Class Leadership Program is less about traditional 'How to lead' curriculum

and more about 'What to lead' in the organization and the results that can be created now.

Whether your managers are responsible for an internal department or the operations of multiple plants, the World Class Leadership program brings the tools to create excellence throughout their entire sphere of influence.

The process of the World Class Leadership Program is to start with the baseline audit (40 points) of your organization or department to find out not only how you are scoring now, but what your strengths and weaknesses are according to the research based values of excellence.

Immediately all of the ‘leadership learning’ in this program takes on much more meaning as it is being applied to specific improvements in each attendee’s company or department, whether they are a top manager or an employee.

Once this baseline assessment is done, competitor scores are overlaid and compared to discover the specific advantages that 'the other guys' (or the industry benchmarks) have over your current performance levels. This is powerful insight that drives further motivation for change and can potentially reveal strategic opportunities for higher levels of competitiveness, productivity and effectiveness.

The underlying logic of the World Class Leadership model is this:

If you focus on these values of excellence and are able to raise your scores for each high enough, you will enjoy all of the benefits of the highest customer loyalty, the strongest influence and will become 'known as the best' in your sphere of influence.

What Are The Values Of Excellence?

Our research shows that they are values that resonate with everyone and are a benefit to any organization.  







Commitment To The Customer

Interdepartmental Teamwork

Service Behaviors



The research reveals that these factors (and all their detailed sub-constructs included in this program) are what every customer wants - in virtually every customer supplier relationship.  These factors serve as an effective structure to measure and define excellence and create a road map to positively influence others and to drive any organization in a beneficial direction

This a statistically reliable and validated model that insures your leaders are focusing on the right things

If your organization has been looking for  results oriented - leadership training program that will bring back a real return on investment - this is it.

The World Class Leadership One Day Program



What Is World Class Leadership?
Customer Satisfaction Behavior Curve
Fundamentals Of The Customer-Supplier Relationship
The Statistical Predictors of Customer Satisfaction
World Class Leadership Organizational Audit Of Your Department or Business
Interpretation and Findings




Customer Requirements Weighting and Prioritization
Competitor Analysis
Strategic Planning, Positioning and Alignment
Personal World Class Leadership Assessment
Sphere Of Influence Mapping
World Class Leadership Impact Plan


​Programs are delivered at our location or yours.  Minimum group size 5 participants.  $299. Per person. Includes 8 hour program, all materials, instruction, facilitation and improvement guides.  Contact us about group discounts for groups of 20 or more.

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