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It's Time To Get Back To Work!   Introducing The


A One Day On Site Development Experience To Get Your Workforce On Board, Focused and Committed To The Higher Levels Of Performance Your Organization Will Need Now 

Re-alignment – What is different now – what will be required? What are new priorities? What are critical measures? Customers, Co-workers, Competition?  How we will work together differently?

Excellence –  Review and apply the 10 VALUES OF EXCELLENCE To everything we do individually and together.

Sphere of Influence – Mapping each employee's internal and external relationships with co-workers, supervisors, suppliers and customers to optimize for excellence.  

Teamwork – Reviewing and practicing the most important teamwork skills to be more effective together. 

Assessment – Tie performance and ongoing development to self-assessment metrics from the program.  

Re-commit –  Facilitating individual employee commitment to personal development, excellence, connections, and fresh priorities.

Take away – Each employee and manager develops a personalized development and growth plan tied to critical priorities and measurement. 

Is your organization getting back to work? 


Learn more about this one day development experience that will insure all of your employees and managers are ready to give their best and bring new energy and enthusiasm to the organization. 



You Need A Fresh Strategy 

(Research-Based Scientific Process You Have Not Seen Before)




To Make Your Business Stronger Than Ever


Prepare To Succeed


This management - level in depth 23 video program will teach you the statistical predictors of customer satisfaction that will increase your customer return and recommend rate - the most critical success metric for any business. 




In these tough times every customer relationship will count - find out what the research says you need to do to compel your customers to return and to recommend you to others. 



This Course Will Focus Completely On The Success Of YOUR SPECIFIC BUSINESS



Audit and evaluate detailed satisfaction practices in your enterprise (40 point audit) 



Measure your satisfaction strengths and weaknesses and interpret their impact on you



Develop A Strategic Improvement Plan To Improve Systems, People and Processes to have

the most positive effect possible on your customers. 

We're not kidding around.  This course is normally offered to Corporate Managers and taught at the University level for Corporate CEOs.  This is a complete program with everything included - This is the information you don't have!  


THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC has had a huge impact on small and large businesses alike and when the time comes, we want to help your business be ready to bounce back stronger than ever.  


Bart Allen Berry is a senior management consultant and trainer with more than 32 years experience working with nearly every industry and delivering training programs for more than 200,000 employees and managers in six countries.  

Bart is the author of more than 8 business books and a family of organizational assessment tools and has taught for many leading colleges and Universities. . 

This is a very powerful research-based program that helps you apply statistical satisfaction predictors to your business to make sure you are keeping every customer, having them return for more and recommending you to others.


This 'satisfaction science' of customer behavior should be required for every business owner and employee.  Perhaps now you have some extra time to dive in to a detailed examination of your business enterprise so you can return stronger than ever.  

Everything about this course is specifically designed for the success of your business. 


We're keeping our 'crisis pricing' open for the next 30 days only to help businesses like yours and to help spark a fast economic recovery from the current health crisis.   


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