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The Relationship Self Assessment

is a baseline measurement of your relationships with others, friends, family, external self and internal self.


A thirty question self analysis process gives you overall mean score as well as category averages and individual question scores represented on the Relationship Impact Chart.


A self improvement and planning guide are included.

The Relationship Self Assessment is a powerful self-examination of one’s relationship behaviors. It will examine the quality and satisfaction of relationships with others as well as with one’s self. This instrument can be delivered to a diverse range of populations from age 15 to adult or taken as a self assessment instrument. If you have downloaded this version to your digital reading device consider printing out a copy of the questionnaire and Relationship Impact Chart to fill in as you go.

A skilled professional facilitator or teacher in a workshop setting best delivers this instrument, but it can also be effectively utilized one on one by coaches and counselors, consultants, therapists and psychologists. The instrument has been specifically designed to be as clear and objective as possible, focusing more on numeric measurement than semantic based labeling or inclusion of psychoanalytical terms and concepts. Every effort has been made to keep the language easy to understand and the process as experiential as possible for the subject.

This instrument can provide powerful awareness about relationships, and form a statistical baseline from which future improvements can be measured. The instrument includes guidelines for facilitation of a personal improvement plan.

Download The Relationship Self Assessment
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