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Are you ready to finally have the thriving and successful business you've dreamed of?

Transform Your Business
Learn How To Compel Your Customers To Return 
and Recommend Your Business

Enrollment into the World Class Business Owner Course Closes the 10th of November at 11:59PM (PST Los Angeles). Join now so you don't miss out!

Does this sound like you? 

1. You've had your business for awhile now and business has reached a plateau, or worse, sales are headed in the wrong direction. 


2. You've tried a lot of different things based on your own gut feelings about what will work, but it isn't really happening. 


3. You know you aren't hanging on to customers like you feel that you should, or you're worried that there are enough customers left out there. 


4. You feel like you're as good as the other guys but you're making excuses for why the competition is beating you.


5. You deeply want your business to be successful but you're getting burned out and stressed out and even perhaps a little desperate.    

Don't Worry! 

You aren't alone. As a management consultant I have worked with hundreds of owners and managers from businesses big and small just like yours.   Most are smart motivated professionals who still find themselves frustrated and at a crossroads with their business - where they know that they need to do something new that will make a real difference.  The question is - what?

But the good news is - what your business needs is right here -

you just haven't seen it yet.


What if I told you there was a statistically validated and reliable predictor set of factors that - if you applied them to your business - would compel your customers to return to buy again and recommend you to others? 


Of course you'd want to know about that, right?

Our customer satisfaction behavior research of more than two million people across a broad range of industries like yours has clearly defined what you need to do to create a truly successful business - a business whose success is defined by the highest customer return and recommend rates and customers who refer to your business as 'World Class'. 


Over the last 32 years I've taught CEOs, graduate students and literally hundreds of thousands of managers and employees about theoretical leadership and management philosophies.  The problem with these typical training programs is that they are often too abstract with no direct application to the practical world of business decision making you have to live every day.


That's why I created The World Class Business Owner Course, an online training curriculum just for you - completely focused on your business and making it more successful. 







Introducing the World Class Business Owner Course

The new way for you to build your business into a thriving and successful one - with very high customer preference and loyalty. 

The World Class Business Owner Course is for..

Small Business Owners

Large Business Owners & Executives

Key Managers With Responsibility

"You're already working hard.  Let's get you working on the right things.."

-Bart Berry

In the World Class Business Owner Course you'll discover how to:

1. Understand the fundamentals of Customer-Supplier Relationships and all of the dynamics of the Customer Satisfaction Experience included with any product or service delivery. 

2. Audit your Customer Satisfaction practices and measure your current Customer Return & Recommend Rate.  

3. Perform competitor analysis and develop a plan to mitigate for competitor strengths while increasing your own competitive advantages. 

4. Profile specific customer groups according to satisfaction priorities and needs, profile each of your main products and services and more closely align target customer groups with your specific products and services. 

5. Build a prioritized strategic implementation plan to tackle your weakest areas of satisfaction and to push your customer return and recommend rate to world class levels - building strong customer loyalty and increasing sales and profits. 



A World Class Business Owner

Introducing the Five Modules

The World Class Business Owner Program Leads Your Through A Series Of Progressive Modules That Build Upon One Another As We Dive Deep Into Improving Your Business.  

Module 1: Customer Satisfaction Fundamentals Education

The first stage in your program is to share the basics of customer-supplier relationships,  data driven decision making and to sensitize you to the importance, impact and potential of optimizing all dimensions of the complete customer satisfaction experience for your customers.   

(Valued At $1,200)

Module 2: Baseline Measurement Of Customer Satisfaction At Your Business

During this step we will combine education on the Ten Research-Based Values Of Excellence (including 40 sub-constructs) as you will complete the Organizational Audit of Customer Satisfaction Practices on your own business as you learn in each section. 


This audit process will educate you in the detail we will be applying throughout the program as well as giving you a 'current state' baseline measurement of customer return and recommend rate as well as your strengths and weaknesses in terms of customer satisfaction practices. 


Additionally,  you will complete a customer profiling exercise where you will learn to develop a set of 'values prioritization' for each specific client group based upon the values of excellence.  This is important for understanding your specific target customer groups  and alignment with how you are currently offering your products and services.


(Valued At $1400)

Module 3: Deep Analysis Of Your Business

Several levels of analysis about your business will be undertaken. 


> We'll dive deep into the results of the Organizational Audit of Customer Satisfaction Practices starting with your overall score as well as each category and results of each of the 40 points.  This will reveal your strengths and weaknesses, areas scoring in the zone of customer dissatisfaction, current return and recommend rate, and much more.  We'll share findings and recommendations for businesses with scores in your range.


> You'll complete a Products/Services analysis on your leading products or services according to emphasis on specific customer benefits in alignment with the Values of Excellence and your Customer Group Profiling results. In short you will see the extent to which your products and services closely align with detailed Customer Group requirements.

> Where appropriate for your business or industry, you'll complete a competitor analysis of one or more of your most serious competitors and how they compare with you on a point by point basis.  You'll learn where they are beating you and why - or where you have advantages over them that can be further developed.


> You'll complete a secondary level of analysis of your business identifying which of the points of your audit include: HUMAN FACTORS, PROCESS FACTORS or STRUCTURAL FACTORS.  As a business owner or manager this will provide critical insight into the feasibility of your approach for improvements in customer satisfaction.


(Valued At $3,200)

Module 4: Strategic High Leverage Conclusions About Your Business

With insights gained from deep analysis of the customer satisfaction practices in your business, you will develop a set of strategic conclusions for business improvement including:

> Specific overall weakness areas that need to be moved out of the zone of customer dissatisfaction where they are creating a negative return and recommend rate effect. 

> Overall improvements in low scoring areas.

> Identification of target focus areas to better align with customer requirements and priorities

> Targeted changes to mitigate for any competitor advantages as well as targets to improve your own competitive advantages.


>  Identification of improvement needs according to HUMAN FACTORS (Training and personnel needs), PROCESS FACTORS (efficiencies, procedures, timeliness etc.) or STRUCTURAL FACTORS (physical changes, expansion, equipment, typically larger capital investment).   

(Valued At $1,500)

Module 5: Your Implementation Plan

You'll prepare a detailed and realistic strategic improvement plan designed to improve the customer satisfaction experience and raise your customer return and recommend rate as quickly as possible.

You'll follow our strategic implementation planning template to prioritize changes and improvements according to:  Energy and Time Required, Complexity and Expense.  It is recognized that it's impossible to do everything at once, but your plan will follow a logical order to bring big benefits quickly while scheduling more detailed initiatives appropriately.


This plan will help you better prioritize use of limited time and energy on the areas that will produce maximum benefit to your business. 


Part of the implementation plan is to to restructure your sales, advertising and marketing messaging to better reflect new strategic insights and competitive objectives to more effectively target and acquire specific customers and customer groups.  You'll begin to talk differently about your business and control the branding to better emphasize specific benefits to your targeted customer groups. 

With a precise plan of action in place for improvement, this information can be shared with employees and stake holders to get everyone on board and in alignment with the priorities that will have the most positive effect on your business. 

(Valued At $1,700)

Possibly the most important set of improvements for your business

you have ever undertaken.

Downloadable Course Bonuses

Continuous Improvement


Survey and Customer Data

Collection Guide

As part of enrolling in the World Class Business Owner Course, you will get access to several additional tools and resources to assist you with your World Class Business Owner Implementation Plan.

(Valued At $750)

Provides a set of easy to understand continuous improvement & quality statistical tools that can be applied to any business process for improvement.

Learn about many ways to collect customer data, question design, sampling, analysis, holding your own focus groups and creating a customer intelligence stream.

Sphere Of Influence

Mapping Exercise

Map your key relationships with peers, subordinates and suppliers and apply the Values of Excellence to see what you can do to improve and what you need the other to change to achieve excellence in the relationship together.

Teamwork Tools

A set of tools including 'How To Be A Great Team Player Book, By Bart Berry, Teamwork Behavior Self Assessment and The Teamwork Survey For Work Groups.

Becoming Excellent Book

By Bart Berry

Learn the research background and more in depth definitions of the Ten Values of Excellence and how they are applied to businesses like yours to create dynamic successful businesses. 

VIP Monthly Group Support Call

Join other business leaders on a monthly hot topic group call discussion.  Ask questions about your own situation, hear solutions from others.  

As an enrollee, receive our regular email/blog articles with more depth on topics important to the success of your business.

Your Instructor

Bart Berry

Consultant, Researcher, Author, Speaker & Trainer

More than 200,000
Owners, Managers & Employees Trained

Bart has been helping organizations reach their potential for more than 32 years. Based in Southern California, Bart has operated four of his own company corporate learning centers, taught for several large Universities, licensed and delivered his training programs in six countries and worked with every industry from manufacturing and restaurants to high tech and government.

Books and Instruments By Bart Berry are available at Amazon for Kindle, Barnes & Noble & Smash words.

"We've used Bart's programs with several of our most senior groups and everyone else in the organization wants to do them too!"

Carlo Cetti Senior VP of HR & Planning

Jack In The Box Inc. 

"Bart has done a lot of training for our folks over here and has provided great programs for some of our most important work groups." 

Anne Walker, Human Resources & Training

Qualcomm Inc. 

Highly knowledgeable, great presenter - we had a lot of fun while we learned.  Most of our senior departments have enjoyed Bart's training programs. 

Micheal McDonald

Regional VP Operations

JBL Professional

I partnered with Bart to deliver training to many of our regional management teams and subsequently install a corporate training facility at one of our premier business hotels in Southern California.  I heartily endorse Bart's excellent training programs.

Barry Lewin, Hyatt Hotels

Our retirement dream was to open a Spanish Tapas Restaurant

but we didn't know much about the business.  Bart's help arrived just in time to get us on the right track with many things that helped make our restaurant one of the best in the area.

Bob and Lorna Thompson, Sevilla's Chamonix



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Lifetime Access To World Class Business Owner Course Modules

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All Course Downloadable & Printable, Re-usable Audit Forms, Charts, Graphs & Exercises

(PDF Downloads)

All Course Bonus Materials and Downloadable Books

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Lifetime Access To World Class Business Owner Course Modules

(23 Video Lessons)

All Course Downloadable & Printable, Re-usable Audit Forms, Charts, Graphs & Exercises

(PDF Downloads)

All Course Bonus Materials and Downloadable Books

and Guides

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 When do I get access to the program? 
Upon purchase, you will receive three emails: a welcome email, an email containing your password and login instructions, and an email receipt for your purchase.

Q2 What if I want more people in my business to get access to the program? 
A unique login is required for each person enrolled.  Businesses wishing to have multiple owners or managers access the course should purchase separate access for each.  A discount purchase option is available for 4 or more enrollees.

Q3 How long will I have access? 
You'll receive life time access to the program, and you won't be charged for any future upgrades or additions added to the program.

Q4 What if it isn't what I need? 
Within 30 days of purchase, if you complete the entire program including module assessments and it isn't what you need or hasn't met your expectations, you may request and receive a full refund.

Q5 How long will the program take to complete? 
Since you have lifetime access to the course, you can view the course at a pace that is convenient to you and your team. However, you can complete the entire course in as little as one day with concerted effort.

Q6 What if my business is already successful?
The course will change the way you think about the success of your business. Success isn’t only about profitability. It’s about accurately measuring your customer throughput now and improving those numbers so you can become even more successful.  Some of the most difficult work you can undertake is to go from very good to excellent or as the course says "become World Class' in the eyes of customers.  This course will help you excel in building the highest customer return and recommend rates so you can experience success like you never thought possible.

Q7 What if I don’t have enough time in my schedule to do the work and make the changes or improvements you recommend?
The course is online, so you can work on the modules at a pace that’s comfortable for you. The strategic implementation plan you'll be guided through, has an emphasis on scheduling change initiatives in a practical and pragmatic way - according to the rate that you feel you can handle, but ultimately in a logical and sequential order.

Q9 What if I need help or have questions during or after the course?

We are here for you. You can email, post a question to the private Facebook group, or attend a group call.

World Class Business Owner Online Course

    What's Included

      > 23 Self paced - Self Guided Video Modules - 5 hours of instruction

     > The Complete 40 point Organizational Audit of Customer       

         Satisfaction Practices for your business.

     > Identification of your current customer return and recommend

          rate, strengths and  weaknesses, category scores for each of the

          Ten Values of Excellence as  well as individual 40 point audit scores

     > Identification of your current most compelling People, Process and

          Structural Issues in relation to customer satisfaction

     > Product/service value prioritization matrix exercise (Identifying the

         three most important attributes of a product or service to your


     > Recommendations and findings according to your audit scores

     > Business Improvement planning guide - specific to your unique


     > Competitor analysis exercise as part of strategic improvement


     > Sphere of Influence Relationship Planning and Management


     > Sales, Marketing and Advertising Message Planning Tool

     > Lifetime course access, all printable forms for repeated use and

         re-measurement of your business over time

     > Digital copy of background customer satisfaction research and

         reading with a copy of  "Becoming Excellent - Applying the Ten

         Values Of Excellence To Your  Organization".

      > Copy of 'How To Be A Great Team Player'  By Bart Berry - a         

          teamwork fundamentals guide for any employee or manager.