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The World Class Leadership Self Assessment is a research-based self-analysis tool which measures the extent to which you are perceived as a 'World Class Leader' by your supervisors, co-workers, customers and other stake holders.

Leaders who are considered 'World Class' enjoy the most positive reputation, job security, preference and loyal customers - where every leader wants to be.  

      Online Course

According to our research, anyone, in any position can become a World Class Leader by excelling in ten critical areas called 'The Values Of Excellence'.   

Wondering how to move up the ladder at work? How to help your business to succeed? Impressing the stockholders? Assuring your job security? Getting your customers to come back? 

Our research base of over 2 million reveals the secret to achieving World Class Status as a leader - and it's not a tired set up management platitudes and philosophies.  

   "World Class Leadership is a finite set of operational practices

and values to apply to your own product/service/work

that will create a change in perception and behavior

of those in your sphere of influence."

By scoring highly in each of the ten areas included, you can expect a higher Return & Recommend Rate% (The measure of increased loyalty, preference and reputation).  This is a measurable statistical phenomenon that provides the road map to becoming an excellent leader - one that your customers and others will refer to as 'World Class'. 

Before you spend thousands of dollars on expensive leadership and management education, take the World Class Leadership Online Course & Self Assessment first.  You'll not only learn the science of World Class Leadership but you will be able to gauge your current strengths and weaknesses, and define your R&R% (your reputation). but you'll also receive a complete Leadership Improvement Guide to help you make the improvements you may need in fifty specific areas.  

We've provided leadership training and education for the past 30 years with some of the world's best experts, but not only is most of this leadership education expensive - it's rarely tied to your individual and unique situation - and leaves you to connect the abstractions to reality. 


The World Class Leadership model is different as it is guaranteed to apply directly to you and what you are doing now.


The best part is - we're making the comprehensive World Class Leadership Online Course & Self Assessment and Improvement Guide available to you right now for only $69.00

You can begin your transformation to World Class Leadership RIGHT NOW.


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What you'll get:


> The complete World Class Leadership Self Assessment questionnaire covering each of the ten values of excellence and sub-constructs - each measured and statistically scored.

> You'll get your current Return and Recommend Rate % Score to determine an accurate assessment of your Leadership Reputation.


> You'll get in depth analysis of each of the ten values of excellence and your top strengths and weaknesses in terms of World Class Leadership


> You'll get a complete Leadership Improvement Guide so you can begin making the most important changes that will directly affect your leadership skills and your perception by others - the extent to which they experience you as a World Class Leader. 

> 13 Videos covering nearly 3 hours of instruction

The World Class Leadership model is a validated and reliable set of measures, rather than a branded colloquialism such as Situational Leadership, Servant Leadership, Creative Leadership etc.  This very tangible and well grounded approach to leadership will resonate with you - as it does with everyone and never goes out of style. 

Understanding of World Class Leadership should be fundamental professional education for any employee, manager or business owner. 




No you don't need to go back to school to get an MBA to become a better leader.  Leadership is about having an effective impression on those you influence - and you can begin to lead differently today by doing the things that are statistically associated with being World Class.  

Of course you are familiar with many of the Values Of Excellence in the World Class Leadership model already and may be doing many of these things well today.  What you're missing perhaps are the blind spots you're either not giving enough attention to or have neglected completely - things that your customers and other constituents want from you. 

You'll be able to prioritize which areas of Leadership you need to focus on now to have an immediate positive effect, and which areas might be in dire need of attention.  We know you will find this Self-Assessment process to be a valuable conversation with yourself and a powerful re-orientation of all that you do for greater effectiveness as a Leader. 

I personally guarantee this to be one of the most significant professional development experiences you have ever undertaken. 

Start your journey towards World Class Leadership Today with the complete World Class Leadership Assessment and Improvement Guide.  Only $69.00




Learn more about the research background and development of The World Class Leadership Model

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