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How To Become A Better Team Player

is about taking stock of your own behavior on work teams with an eye towards improving your own participation, contribution and involvement as well as creating a much deeper understanding of the group dynamics that effect the way your team functions and the results they produce together.

This is a great 'How To' guide about teamwork for any employee or manager.

Navigating the dynamic interaction of individuals at work can be fraught with peril, especially in a competitive and politically charged work environment. Getting things done with and through others comes with the territory at work however, so it pays to understand teamwork as well as possible.


No one wants to be the employee or manager that everyone gossips about at the water cooler, or worse yet, the one everyone would vote to throw over the side of the boat if they could. Personal survival aside, teamwork is necessary to produce good work, satisfy customers and keep the organizational machine humming. So it pays to be good at it. It might even be the thing that helps you keep your job, or better yet, the thing that helps you and your work group produce better results.

Being a good team player has two dimensions you should be aware of if you are interested in improving your team player skills or you are interested in helping your team work better together:

1)The group dynamics and interaction between team members. This includes things like team atmosphere, coordination, maturity, identity and commitment.

2)Your own teamwork behavior including things like sensitivity to others, contribution, focus, efficiency and personal style.

This book will help you understand team dynamics better, develop your own approach as a team player, increase your awareness of the needs of the group, and position yourself as one who champions and facilitates better teamwork.









With new awareness and a few behavioral changes you will be able to more effectively navigate and manage the minefield of human relationships on work teams and solidify your position as a real asset that is valued by your fellow team members.

This book includes the powerful Teamwork Behavior Awareness Inventory Self-Assessment where you can score yourself on your team player skills and behaviors, AND the comprehensive Teamwork Survey for Work groups, so you can measure the strengths and weaknesses of the work teams you participate with and target opportunities for growth where you can help make a real difference.

As you read this book and apply its learning’s you will begin to become much more aware of the dynamics in any intact work group, allowing you to interact and contribute more safely and effectively.


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