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"How To Make Dramatic Positive Improvement With Your Business Starting Today"

​This comprehensive research-based organizational improvement guide will apply to your enterprise whether you are a small business, a department within a company or a huge multi-national corporation.

The Ten Values of Excellence will take what you do from customer dissatisfation and mediocrity to becoming known as the best - with all of the accompanying benefits of customer loyalty, preference and the highest return and recommend rates.  

This Audit & Improvement Process presents a comprehensive and direct method to achieving your own SUCCESS.

> Understand the research-based predictors of excellence that your customers expect - whether you realize it or not

> Measure how your organization scores in these ten areas and what those scores predict your level of success will be

> Use the Ten Values Of Excellence to perform a comprehensive competitor analysis and develop your new strategy to win.

> Understand the specific weighting your customers give to their most important requirements and learn how to align what you do much tighter with what customers want.

> Identify scores for Human Factors, Process Factors and Structural Factors to give you even more perspective on what you might need to change or improve.

> Use and re-use the Organizational Audit Of Excellence on your entire company, on individual departments, different product /service delivery areas to drive internal change.

> Follow the improvement guide included to build on your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses to begin moving toward achieving world class status and being known as the best.

> Charts, graphs and reuseable tools included will give you everything you need to perform your own in depth analysis of excellence and to share it with your organization.

Are You Interested In Making Your Organization More Excellent?


Introducing The Most Powerful Business Improvement Process

You Have Ever Utilized

Most business owners and managers are simply overwhelmed by daily fire fighting and task distractions and really don't have the band width to look at comprehensive improvement - or where it's really needed. 

'Becoming Excellent' provides a systematic and efficient methodology to measure what is happening today with your business and will remove the ambiguity regarding the important things to improve that will make the most difference where it counts - with your customers and your bottom line.

This book will give you a completely fresh perspective as well as a road map to get your enterprise moving towards to excellence and  enjoying your success sooner than you think. 

What if you could identify the areas that will make the most difference

to the success of your business?

'Becoming Excellent' presents a best-practice, research based process to help you discover the leverage you need to take your small business, your department or your entire corporation to the next level.

In these times of change it is important to be able to identify as efficiently as possible, the factors that are holding you back from achieving excellence.  'Becoming Excellent' presents a reliable data set that is easily understood by everyone in the organization, and a system of measurement where improvements can be tracked back to the key measures critical to what you do and the customers you serve.

With all of the work you put ito your enterprise, don't you owe it yourself to find out about a more effective way to get where you want to go?

'Becoming Excellent' will take you on a journey towards developing and improving the right things, and guide you to where you have wanted to go all along - YOUR SUCCESS.

Only $24.95 to begin making a significant impact today on your entire business  pdf. download now

Put It All Together With An In-Person Workshop

We have delivered training programs for more than 200,000 employees and managers and can deliver a comprehensive on site workshop all about Excellence to your employees or management.  In this workshop, we'll work with collecting the actual data from workshop attendees, present the Ten Values Of Excellence fundamentals and then facilitate presentation of the Excellence Audit Report. 

It doesn't stop there however, because we continue with improvement planning using group multi-voting, process improvement team chartering and assignments for 30 day follow up that will help insure improvements take hold and get implemented.  Contact us to schedule your workshop.

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Want To Get Instruction in an Online Video Course?  We've just completed an 23 video series called "World Class Business Owner" that you can take right now. 



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