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The Value Of The Customer Relationship

Today strong companies measure their salespeople by more than just their ability to close sales.


Increasingly, the salespeople who are the most valued within an organization are those who have the skills to develop and maintain excellent relationships with their customers - long term


As more and more companies understand the real value of a customer over time, these skills are becoming even more important.

What Factors Create a Satisfied Customer?

A high standard of behavior on the part of the salesperson in the customer/supplier relationship reflects what customers really want and expect. Through extensive customer research, Bart Allen Berry has identified the common predictors of customer satisfaction in any customer/supplier relationship. 


These factors are consistent in literally every industry, and all are present in some form with any product or service.


Included here are values-based indicators that can be used to measure customer/salesperson relationship excellence. That’s what the Sales Person Effectiveness Assessment is all about.


No matter what product or service you represent in your career as salesperson, it has been proven that implementing best practice customer/supplier behaviors in the areas measured by the Sales Professional Effectiveness Assessment will result in higher return and recommend rates and increased customer loyalty- the keys to long term profitability for any business enterprise.  


Use of this instrument is particularly important with sales people that handle large ticket sales and long term sales/reorder relationships.


Using a self-assessment approach, this behavioral transformation tool will help sales people identify areas of strength and weakness as they pertain to relationships with customers. When used correctly, it is guaranteed to create and sustain sales personnel improvement at all levels of a sales team.

By applying the predictors of total satisfaction as the value base for salesperson effectiveness, you will reinforce the critical factors to maintain and improve all your customer/salesperson relationships. 

"We loved the fresh approach and rich discussions that drove us to come up with new ideas about how to maintain and improve relationships with our customers"


-Tap Pharmaceutical National Sales Manager  

What's Included:


Section 1:


· Explanations of how to use the Self Assessment and of the concepts and theories the tool will apply.


Section 2:

· A comprehensive assessment and scoring tool to quantify individual strengths and opportunities for improvement for each sales person.


Section 3:

· A personal improvement plan to increase individual sales agent effectiveness by increasing satisfaction, loyalty and preference in customer/supplier relationships.

· Guidelines for using the assessment as a management tool or facilitated group dynamic. This is a great exercise for your next sales meeting. 


Are you a Sales Manager?  Corporate Trainer of HR Manager or Organizational Development Expert looking for ways to increase sales performance? 


You can license this tool and use with multiple sales people for one on one consults or print as many assessment booklets as you need to administer the Sales Person Effectiveness Assessment to groups of sales people.


One time license fee authorizes you to personally administer this assessment as many times as you need by printing copies for each of the reps/sales groups you work with at your company.


You can also utilize this assessment as an individual sales person - interested in your own development and sales professionalism. 

This is a fresh outlook on sales effectiveness that is guaranteed to bring increased effectiveness to your sales efforts. 

Sales Person Effectiveness Assessment  $179.

Download for unlimited use with your entire sales force.

Sales Person Effectiveness Assessment  $12.95

Individual Use - For A Single Sales Person Only

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