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The Youth Leadership Assessment

is celebrating its 17th year in publication with use by high school teachers, universities, youth organizations and program leaders across the country.


This powerful self-assessment is a facilitator administered tool designed to focus on foundational leadership behaviors.


The Youth Leadership Assessment was designed by youth facilitators and counselors and is a powerful and fun tool to stimulate self-assessment, leadership behavior inventory and general awareness about what constitutes leadership behavior.

This instrument is designed for ages 12-21, small group interaction, discussion and includes an emphasis in five categories including:

                    Supporting Others
                          Focus On Excellence
                          Motivating Others

Those who work with developing youth will enjoy the utility of this tool and its application for ages 12 to 21.   Program leaders and teachers use the Youth Leadership Assessment to initiate and individualize the conversation about leadership as well as utilizing the Youth Leadership Assessment as an effective pre and post program efficacy metric with easy aggregation of response data for groups and classes. 


> 35 Questions in Five Categories

> 1 to 10 scale for easy statistical conversion

> Mean Scores for each category

> Score Interpretation and Improvement Planning Guide included

> Facilitator Guide including scoring and discussion guidelines 

> Printable Questionnaire and Improvement planning worksheets make it easy for use in the classroom or in the field

> Low Cost One Time License Fee allows for unlimited use and printing, allowing this powerful youth leadership development tool to become part of your ongoing curriculum year after year*










*University groups or large schools need to buy an organizational license to share across the entire school. 


“We needed a way to get right to the heart of teaching leadership to our students in an effective way, where it wouldn’t be just another lecture.  The Youth Leadership Assessment engages students more effectively because the students really enjoy assessing leadership in themselves and taking stock of their own leadership behaviors.    We love administering this tool and truly enjoy the deep discussions and growth we see from our students when we use it.”        

-Sandy Kirkpatrick,  High School  Teacher


“As a non-profit working with youth we needed some effective measures of program efficacy.  The Youth Leadership Assessment is an effective tool for us to measure on the front and back end of our program.  Our semester- long curriculum aims for individual growth and we continually have to prove the effectiveness of our programs to donors and the public who support us.  The Youth Leadership Assessment is a great tool that we depend on.”    

-Bobby Caldwell, Leadership 2000

Youth Leadership Assessment

Download Your Copy for

reuse again and again with your program. 

$69 Unlimited License

Once we receive your payment we will email you/link you to the complete .pdf files ready to go.

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