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The Customer Satisfaction Course For Every Employee

Low Cost            Fast           Efficient           Online

How Much More Successful

Would Your Business Be?

If Your Employees Delivered The Highest Levels of Customer Satisfaction - That Actually Increased Your Customer Return & Recommend Rate? 

If Your Employees Knew The Right Things To Do With Customers - Without You Having To Teach Them? 

What If Your Employees Were Operating With the Latest Customer Satisfaction Knowledge and Research and They Not Only Knew What To Do - But Why They Should Be Doing It

This One Hour Online Course Will Teach Your Employees

To Apply The Ten Values Of Excellence In Customer Satisfaction

Increasing Employee Effectiveness With Customers Will Directly Impact The Bottom Line.

With This Benchmark Customer Satisfaction Training, Employees Will Not Only Learn Expert Customer Satisfaction Practices, But Will Apply Them To Previously Neglected Areas That May Have Been Negatively Affecting Your Sales and Satisfaction In The Past - Without You Ever Being Aware of It. 


Expect Positive Results as Your Employees Consistently Focus on What Our Research Validates: What Will Make Customers Return To Buy Again, and To Recommend Your Business To Others.  

What Are The Costs Of Un-Trained


> Low Sales / Loss Of Sales

> Customers Who Don't Come Back

> Negative Reviews

> Increased Marketing Costs To           

    Continuously Attract New Customers

> Getting Beat By The Competition

> or Worse..


We Know You Don't Have Time To Run Another Training Program - and You Need Your Employees On The Job!

That's Why We've Made This Program Easy

Simply Send the Online Course Link To Each Employee and They Can Take The Course When They Get Around To It - Outside of Work.  The Course Can Be Completed In As Little As One Hour on a Phone or Computer and Employees Can Do All or Part In One Sitting As They Wish. 

We'll Provide Roll Up Reports To You As Each Employee Submits A Learning Summary As Part Of Their Course Completion.  You'll Know Who Has Completed the Course, The Highlights of Their Learning and Even Their Ideas and Suggestions For Improvements In Satisfaction Practices At Your Business. 


On a Professional Development Level, Each Employee Will Complete Their Own Self Assessment of Customer Satisfaction Practices To Identify Personal Strengths and Weaknesses They'll Be Focusing On Going Forward. 


Participants May Also Opt to Receive a Certificate Of Completion as Proof Of Their Ongoing Education.  




To Further Increase The Impact Of This Training We'll also Give You Some Guidelines and Tips For How To Run A Customer Satisfaction Discussion At Your Next Employee Meeting - So You Can Keep Letting Your Employees Know That Customer Satisfaction Is A Priority, and To Involve Them In Helping To Create A Culture of Excellence At Your Business. 

We Think You'll Find This Process Rewarding and Enjoyable and Your Employees Will Too. 

Our Customers Will Also Receive a Wall Poster With The Ten Values Of Excellence That You Can Hang Up In The Workplace As a Continual Reminder Of The Importance Of Customer Satisfaction Every Day. 

As our client, you'll immediately receive an administrator page with your payment - to help you copy the link you will send your employees and other basic administration.  We'll share what to expect as your employees complete the course and guidelines for interpreting your rollup summary report when the lion's share of your employee group have completed the course and sent in their Course Reports.  

You'll be able to order as many individual courses as you have employees and can even order extras 'to keep on account' if your business tends to have a lot of turn over.  If your Business Is One of Our Regular Repeat Users, We'll Keep You Appraised When Your Course Credit Is Getting Low. You'll order one course for each distinct employee. 


The Material Featured In This Customer Satisfaction Course For Every Employee is Serious Statistical Research We Have Done - Providing Customer Satisfaction Studies for More han 2 Million Respondents Across a Wide Range Of Businesses and Industries. We Have Taught This Material For Many Universities, Executive Development Programs, Corporate Employees and Managers and For Many Small Businesses. 

There is No Other Customer Service/Customer Satisfaction Program Out There That Presents These Validated Models and Research Based Predictive Science Of Customer Satisfaction Behavior.  You Can Rest Assured That This Course Includes Best Practice Content That Applies Directly To The Success Of Your Business. 

Only $39 Per Employee


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