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Do Your Business

A Favor..

and read this. 


Of the millions of businesses in the entire world, some of them will do well this year.  



And some of them won't.  


Do you know WHY is this? 



If you already know why this is..  exit now.. then you don't need to read what I'm going to tell you.



For the rest of you Business Owners, Managers and Supervisors interested in being more successful- 

What I'm going to tell you about is YOUR MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS METRIC.

By 'Metric' , I'm talking about the thing you need to PAY ATTENTION TO, TO MEASURE



Of the many things taking up your time and attention now, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ! 









---This means---







Let's face it.  Without customers you have no business. 



Unless you're a monopoly supplier or working some kind of win-lose gambit -  then you need to be focusing on the things that will get your customers to come back and tell others about you.


                      This is called THE SCIENCE OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION BEHAVIOR.  



You can apply it.  You can measure it. And you can improve your business dramatically when you focus on it.


And you are probably not doing much with it at all, in fact honestly, you probably don't even really understand Customer Satisfaction Behavior that well.  At least not as well as we do... because we've done the research. 



We have more than a decade of Customer Satisfaction Research covering more than two million customers and their Return and Recommend Behavior - across all kinds of industries just like yours.


I can tell you what factors make customers think of your business as 'Excellent' or what makes you highly praised and 'Known As The Best'

I can tell you all about the dynamics of Customer-Supplier Relationships and how important it is to manage the relationship with your each customer.


I can tell you how strong of an impression you need to make before customers will actually return to buy from you again and more.. 

Here's a snapshot from this fascinating research:


If you study this graphic, you'll notice that there is actually no positive customer return and recommend % from your customers until you score a 7.9 or hgher on the 'Overall Satisfaction' scale. 

--That Means--


You had better be scoring this high or higher if you want to have more customers!  

You can't just be 'mediocre' and expect to get some percentage of customers to come back -



And certainly, you don't want customers rating you at the lower end of the scale - where there is actually a negative return and recommend effect. (GASP!)   


(That means your customers are telling others about their BAD experience with you). 


I know some of you might be scoring in the Dissatisfaction Zone now and you know you need to do something about it.  Keep reading.. I'm going to offer you some help.   



For those businesses that are scoring in the 'Customer Indifference Zone' - Guess what?  These customers might come in once in awhile for a sale or other promotion but there is Zero Customer Loyalty here.  Businesses with indifferent customers have to spend much more to attract new ones - all the time!



Businesses who are solidly anchored in the Zone of Satisfaction lead in their marketplace and consistently attract more business, have repeat cusotmers and enjoy free word of mouth recommendations.  That's where every business would like to be. 




OK so this is all pretty simple so far, but let's talk about the Ten Factors that make up the Overall Customer Satisfaction Experience rating above - with any product or service, in any industry, and in every Customer-Supplier Relationship. 

This gets into the meat of our Customer Satisfaction Behavior Research -

(and of course you will be able to relate to each of these - and apply them to customer experiences you have had yourself - from trying a new restaurant to buying software online). 


                                 I call these the Ten Values of Excellence


because they define: 




and importantly -


How you have to score in each of these areas before your customer will spontaneously return and recommend you to others.   Here they are: 

Pretty interesting stuff eh?   I'm sure you have already started thinking about how well your own enterprise does with each of the Values Of Excellence


Are you World Class?  

Where are you strong?  Where do you need work?


What if you could be great in each of the Ten Values Of Excellence? 



Your business, your organization, your department or even you as an individual professional with your own 'brand' as an employee - You can benefit from what I am about to offer you.

I have developed an Excellence Audit and Improvement Program based on this breakthrough research, that you can apply to your own business. 


In short - you apply the comprehensive 40 Point Excellence Audit to measure:

               > Your Overall Satisfaction Experience Score

               > Your Current Return & Recommend Rate %

               > Your Excellence Strengths and Weakenesses

               > Process Factors, Human Factors, Structural Factors

                  Strengths and Weaknesses

               > Competitor Analysis



                  and that's just the beginning. 




I'll be guiding you through a complete improvement journey. 


You'll learn all of the research background on each of the Values of Excellence and their sub-constructs, and how they apply to your operation.


We'll cover the fundamentals of Customer-Supplier Relationships to make sure you are applying them.



We'll be applying additional tools to your business such as the 'Values Prioritization Matrix' - where you can  identify the three most important things to any customer type and for any product or service. 


After we establish a baseline for how your operation scores now -

the we perform a Competitor Analysis.


Whether you're a local restaurant or a plastics manufacturer you have competitors.  Wouldn't it be great if you had a systematic and methodical way to calculate how you measure up in the areas most important to customers - point by point? 




That's what we are talking about here. 




You'll finally have a definitive process designed to minimize competitor advantages over you and maximize your advantages over them.  




In fact,  everything about the Excellence Audit and Improvement Program is about Strategic Improvement Of Your Business, the output of your department, or even how you are perceived professionally with the services you offer as an 'individual brand'. 


It's all about you and your results will be totally unique to your own situation. 



1) You will have the latest Customer Satisfaction Behavior Research and measure how your own company is doing currently - according to the things that make customers Return & Recommend.

2) You'll have an in depth analysis of your strengths and weaknesses in a 40 point Excellence Audit Process with scores for each factor, each category and overall. 

3) You'll measure what you do against your competitors and know who is beating who - and why.

4) You'll determine your organization's alignment with the three most improtant things to each customer type you have - and for any product or service you may offer. 

Now It's Time For Change and Improvement

I'll help you with recommendations and tools that you can easily understand and apply to begin making the most important changes to how you are doing things now.  These are the specific changes designed to Increase Your Customer Return and Recommend Rate so you will get more business!  


I'll also provide printable audits, impact chart graphics and even the Values Of Excellence poster to help communicate with and involve all of the important stakeholders on your team - so everyone can get on board with the changes you will want to implement and to renew your organizational culture around customer satisfaction, customer relationships and building your R&R%. 



The Excellence Audit and Improvement Process Includes a series of file and tool downloads which you can get today.  We'll also send you a hard copy CD backup.  

I am Offering

The Entire Excellence Audit & Improvement Process 

for the discounted price of 


Reduced For This Month Only From $279.

As an organizational development consultant and trainer for more than 30 years with businesses and corporations around the world - I can tell you that I believe that this is FUNDAMENTAL BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE every organization needs today. 


Be sure you get it now to get ahead of your competitors.  


This knowledge is very strategic for your business. 

You will have a fresh outlook on your entire operation and reading the book and applying the Excellence Audit will guide your business decision making and priorities with everything you do from this point forward. 


From the quality and features of your products and services, to employee training to the environment in your workplace, and new innovations - you'll discover good reasons for doing the right things because that will have a direct positive effect on customer behavior.  

The improvements recommended for you business won' t all be 'pie in the sky' expensive wish list items either.  You'll start first with the easiest and most affordable changes and provide deep deliberation and pragmatic rationale before you ever decide to spend more money on improving your business. 

The recommendations and findings from your Excellence Audit are individualized for your unique situation. 


This is not information or research that has been available before and represents a very fresh and utilitarian understanding of Customer Satisfaction Behavior adn what willmake your cusotmers come back.  This is definately not some re-cycled customer service training schlock.  I teach this material through University MBA and management programs as well as many large corporation learning & development workshops where it is considered Ph.D. level material.


You'll be getting a very powerful and sophisticated level of understanding about Customer Satisfaction Behavior. 


You could pay a lot to try out all manner of different solutions in an effort to help your business do better.  Use the Excellence Audit process first, before you spend money to redecorate, hire new staff, completely change your plant operations or flush away dollars with some gimmicky marketing program. 

The bottom line here is:

You can either spend thousands of dollars to try to change your customer's behavior so they do what you want, or you can change your level of excellence and become what your customers want! 

I would have to charge you thousands of dollars to take you through this consulting process in person,  but I'm making this available to you for the low price of $139. for this month only.

You'll have everything you need to lead your own Excellence improvement journey with tools you can re-print and utilize again and again.   In fact you will want to integrate The Excellence Audit Process into your annual strategic planning

with roll-ups possible for each department to do their own analysis.  It's all here to help you improve your enterprise. 

Start your journey towards becoming excellent today!

Friends I know that business can be tough - whether your operation is a large one or a small one. Now you have a valid and reliable model and process for success.  

If you're trying to justify this purchase and let's say you own a restaurant for instance. Think of the cost of the business you are losing in the next few days alone by not applying this knowledge.

Perhaps there is some low hanging fruit - an easy opportunity for improvement in your business just waiting to be fixed..  but you don't know what it is..

What if one thing you learn and apply results in throngs of new customers? 

I'm offering you this complete consulting intervention for your business for $139.  It may be invaluable to your business in terms of the benefit it will provide you, but if I offered it any cheaper I believe you wouldn't take it seriously.

Some say today's CEO needs to read 60 new books a year.  I'm telling you that you only need to read this one - and to apply what you learn and expect results




Our research says that applying the Values Of Excellence is the best way to directly influence the behavior of your customers so they will return to buy again and recommend you to others - again - this is the most important business metric you have. 


You are probably doing a lot of things right already, but until now, you have lacked a comprehensive methodology to make sure you are checking everything you should when it comes to getting and keeping customers. 


This is a very serious process and the findings from your own Excellence Audit results will show you exactly where you need to be focused to achieve the better results you want with customers.  You'll have the knowledge, the rationale for improvement and a step by step guide to follow the entire way. 


If you follow the Excellence Audit process as it is prepared for you - the potential is that your business will become 'Known As The Best' , referred to as 'Excellent' by your customers and 'World Class' as you become the best in your market, industrial category or profession. 


There's a science to it.  What you need to do is follow it, and yes you need to do the work. 

This is however, a very clear and efficient direct line to your success.  



We'll send you the download files as well as mailing you a CD to have handy wherever you are. 

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