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Teamwork Expert Bart Allen Berry reveals his best practice teamwork transformation process developed over 30 years with hundreds of companies in six countries.

Includes a step by step team process including the Functional Workgroup Teamwork Survey and Teamwork Behavior Inventory Self Assessments, and much more.

This is the benchmark interventional Teamwork Supercharge program delivered to thousands worldwide.

Every organization has work groups that need to work better together, or than can benefit from higher levels of productivity and performance.

Bart Allen Berry has lead his teamwork consulting and training company for the past 30 years, developing and delivering best practice teambuilding and team development programs for hundreds of organizations such as Coca Cola, US Air Force, Pfizer, Sony, Samsung and The Central Intelligence Agency.

Bart's company was the first to bring experiential teambuilding methodologies to Mexico, South Korea and The Sultanate of Oman. Bart has lead team training programs for more than 200,000 employees and managers and presents here, the refinements of his team development methodology developed over the last three decades.

Included in this book are not only the seven steps to supercharge any intact work group, but also the Functional Workgroup Teamwork Survey- a 50 question statistical baseline of teamwork performance, and the Teamwork Behavior Self Assessment - a powerful instrument for individual teamwork behavior self awareness.

This is the ideal program for any frustrated manager or company CEO looking for ways to boost organizational performance, productivity and to develop a healthier team and organizational culture. Great for stuck teams or those who are already performing well but want to reach their full potential.

This book will support a self-lead process for improving teamwork in your own intact workgroup.

Supercharge Your Work Team       The Comprehensive Guide To Transform The Teams In Your Organization.  Download Your Copy $18.95

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