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Research-Based Leadership Model 


With years of organizational and satisfaction research Bart Allen Berry, reveals the analysis of more than two million survey respondents and what have emerged as the predictors of excellence, satisfaction, return and recommend rate, preference and loyalty according to customers.1

1(Quality Values, Market Dominance Through Satisfaction/What Customers Want!/The Path Of Excellence World Class Leadership)

This predictor set of ten values of excellence and their sub constructs are utilized to audit any company, work department, product or service delivery system.

 The resulting scores can be plotted on the Customer Satisfaction Behavior Curve- effectively predicting customer return and recommend rate, loyalty and preference as a measureable percentage.

In fact it can be argued that customer return and recommend rate is the single most important metric for any business or organization.

The underlying logic of the World Class Leadership model is this:

If you focus on these values of excellence and are able to raise your scores for each high enough, your organization will enjoy all of the benefits of the highest customer loyalty and preference,and will in fact be known by customers as a World Class organization, department or company.

Whether your managers are responsible for an internal department or the operations of multiple plants, the World Class Leadership program will give them the tools to bring excellence to their entire sphere of influence.

The process of the World Class Leadership Program is to start with the baseline audit (40 points) of the organization or department to find out not only how you are scoring now, but what are your strengths and weaknesses according to the values of excellence.

Immediately all of the ‘leadership learning’ in this program takes on much more meaning as it is being applied to specific improvements in each attendee’s company or department.

Once this baseline assessment is done, competitor scores are overlaid and compared to discover the specific advantages the other guys (or the industry benchmarks) have over your current performance levels. This is powerful insight that drives further motivation for change and can potentially reveal strategic opportunities for higher levels of competitiveness.

World Class Leadership

The Path Of Excellence

Complete downloadable guide.


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