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Welcome to your Online Course.  We recommend that you bookmark this page so you can easily return to it again throughout this course and in the future.

Please don't share this course with others who haven't paid for it themselves.   

This Master Course Page has all the files and links to videos you will need as you progress through the course.  

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"I want to encourage you to take the time to go through this entire program as presented. If you apply the Values of Excellence to your work, your enterprise, the business you own or the department you are responsible for - I guarantee that you will see results - and if you are able to apply what you learn - and to score highly in each area of excellence. 

This course will serve as the template and road map for your success as your customers demonstrate increasingly higher return and recommend rates and begin to call what you do - 'World Class'.."

- Bart Berry

Files To Print

Excellence Audit Questionnaire and Impact Chart 11 Pages PRINT THIS TO FOLLOW ALONG WITH THE VIDEOS.

Blank Impact Chart File To Print

Click On Each Link To Watch Video Chapters Follow Course In Chapter Order


Excellence Values Prioritization Matrix Blank Form To Print

Customer Group Profiling Exercise

World Class Business Owner Implementation Plan

Advertising and Marketing Messaging

Additional BONUS Course Materials
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We've also included a .pdf copy of 'Becoming Excellent' - Applying the Ten Values Of Excellence To Your Organization By Bart Allen Berry as a great supplemental text for this course - and which includes a lot of the background information related to this program.  



TEAMWORK is an important Value of Excellence.  Read this very comprehensive Teamwork guide to bring better teamwork into your organization and to become a more effective team player yourself. 


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