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Team Building & Team Development Programs

"This is the best team development program we have ever participated in"
Chris Hynes   -
Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical

Our Teamwork Programs  blend team assessment, experiential problem solving and decision making exercises and teamwork fundamentals with high energy shared experiences for a powerful and memorable program designed to create results back at work. 



Our emphasis with our team building programs is to merge business best practice learning and team building fundamentals with real experiential practice of working together- and trying new teamwork skills on for size. 


Depending on how much time we have with the group, a wide range of subjects are explored including communication, planning, problem solving, involvement and team leadership.  We have over 65 team exercises that we can choose from to adapt the program and learning the specific needs of the group.


The best way to think about teamwork program options is by length of time vs. depth:


Half Day Team Building



These shorter programs are great for emphasizing the importance of teamwork and a team culture, teach basic teamwork fundamentals, are fun and experiential.  They involve a series of team problem solving and decision making exercises with unique props and equipment and are generally held outdoors- at our location or yours. 


These programs are great for company-wide teamwork awareness and creating a positive message but don’t get into the depth of intact work group issues as longer workshops do.  These fun programs are often combined with a barbeque or dinner event afterwards.  Large groups are divided into smaller teams, each with their own facilitator to work individually and then come together at the end of the program with the larger group in competitive and collaborative large group exercises.


Full Day Team Building





The full day team building program is idea for an intact work group, or several departments that need to be better integrated together. These include some didactic ‘ideal state for the team’ framing, teamwork fundamentals training, experiential exercises, Teamwork Behavior Inventory Self-Assessment  and a high energy shared experience called the High Adventure Ropes Course


The Ropes Course is our onsite set of high elements including the team climbing wall, ropes elements and

two zip lines at our Rancho El Palmar Facility.   This program emphasizes specific learning for each intact team and their application back in the workplace.

The Full Day Program is a great teamwork fundamentals primer with an emphasis on bringing skills back to the workplace and creating a strong teamwork cultural dynamic.



Two-Day Supercharge Your Work Team Program



This two day experience leverages an in-residence, in depth interventional process where improving teamwork and moving to high performance is the main outcome.  Our Teamwork Survey For Workgroups (50 question anonymous teamwork audit) is used to give voice to shared concern and identify teamwork issues in the way of a full diagnosis of the strengths and weaknesses of each team.  This help us tailor specific exercises and activities to address specific issues within the team. 


In addition to experiential exercises and high adventure components, there is also a very powerful peer feedback component, an in depth organizational simulation to integrate teamwork learning’s and a full action planning sessions with improvement planning and improvement teams chartered with creating results back at work. 


What makes the two day program so powerful is that each team pre-identifies the specific measureable processes back in the workplace that will be positively impacted by better teamwork – driving the focus of the entire program to not only better team member relations, but organizational performance as well.

Got a tough team?  Have aggressive goals together? 

This is the Team Development program for you.











Our programs are delivered with interpreters and Espanol facilitators and are held at either our new El Palmar location near La Fonda or at your location.  We also can provide individual classroom session type workshops on site, administer teamwork surveys as standalone initiatives or customize an all-employee type event


Our programs have been administered to many of the world’s finest companies, government, military and entrepreneurial startups.  We have worked extensively with manufacturing, electronics and engineering groups of all kinds.  We have extensive quality improvement backgrounds including ISO auditing and Lean projects, and teaching quality improvement fundamentals which are integrated into everything we do.  We also have our own research-based customer satisfaction models and auditing process I would enjoy sharing with you at some point.


Our experience of over 30 years of operating multiple training centers, international work and experience working in Mexico make our firm a great resource for you here in North America.




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